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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Featured FREE Read: Alpha Exit by Holly Deigh

When Maisie moves to town and volunteers takes on a job at the neighbor's race horse rescue ranch, she thinks it's going to be business as usual. Clean out the horse stalls, shovel some manure and feed beautiful and lonely horses until they are saved. Sure, she's never taken care of a horse but she's new to town and hasn't met any other 17/18 years olds in the neighborhood. After the handsome Cade discovers her cleaning up one of the stalls for Gypsey, Maisie has never felt more like a character from a book of fairy tales where the handsome prince walks into the stall to sweep her off of her feet. Just one look at Cade and butterflies hit her stomach.

Leaving the pack was never what Cade thought he would do but when he lays eyes on her, his senses are left reeling. To say he’s falling head over paws is an understatement.

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