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Monday, 27 July 2015

Blog Tour Stop and Giveaway: Love & Happiness by Ben Burgess Jr.

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TITLE – Love and Happiness AUTHOR – Ben Burgess Jr. GENRE – African American Fiction/ Urban Fiction PUBLICATION DATE – April 24th 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 240 Pages PUBLISHER – Self Published (CreateSpace/IngramSpark) COVER ARTIST – Leah Friday

Love & Happiness - Book Cover


Karen has it all: a handsome husband, beautiful twin daughters, a lovely home and a great job. Karen also has a secret; she’s cheating on her husband, with not one man, but two. On the outside her life seems perfect, but on the inside Karen feels neglected, bored and unappreciated. Yearning for affection and excitement, she falls into the arms of first Raheem and then Tyrell. Out of fear of losing her husband and breaking up her family, Karen ends the affairs but things don’t turn out how she planned. When Karen’s dirty secrets are revealed she must fight to keep her family together. Chris is doing all he can to hold his marriage together. He loves Karen but she grows more distant every day. When she starts coming home later and later, he suspects she is being unfaithful. When Chris accidentally takes her cell phone what he finds changes their lives forever. When tragedy strikes, Karen must decide if she should sacrifice her happiness for her husband’s love, and Chris wonders if he should stay with Karen because he still loves her despite her infidelity. But if they do stay together, will they ever find love and happiness again? Sexy and relatable, insightful and inspiring, Love and Happiness shows us both sides of Chris and Karen's story, and reminds us that sometimes to have it all, you must first lose it all.

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When we got home, I decided to put all our bickering aside and make love to my husband. While Chris pleased me sexually, our busy work schedules had reduced our lovemaking to mundane quickies. I knew if I was bored, he must be too.
To spice things up, I’d read magazines, watched porn, and gathered tips from my friends. He loves lacy lingerie, so I wore my black bustier, black French-cut panties, and fishnet stockings. I lit scented candles and put on soft jazz to set the ambiance in the bedroom. Chris walked in. 
“Damn!” he said. 
He tugged on my lingerie to take it off. I couldn’t hide my smile. His hands hungrily roamed my body. 
“Easy, baby. Enjoy what you’re looking at.” 
I felt self-conscious as he groped me because his earlier comment about me looking chunky, kept replaying in my mind. 
We made love. I used a lot of the new ideas I learned to spice things up, but he didn’t seem to notice. Chris always has the decency to make sure I cum, but again we ended up having another quickie because he had to wake up early the next morning. He rolled over on his side and went to sleep almost immediately after. I frowned, shook my head and stared at the ceiling. Was it me? Is this how marriage was supposed to be? Had we both gotten too comfortable? 
I decided I’d start going to the gym and get a personal trainer. I hoped working with a trainer would change me enough that even Chris would have to say something positive about it. I didn’t imagine how much it would change me.

Love & Happiness - Author Photo


Ben Burgess Jr is the author of the award winning novels "Monster", "Wounded", the poetry book "Times Have Changed and Life is Strange" and the new novel "Love and Happiness" He is an active performer of spoken word poetry. Ben Burgess Jr uses his love of writing to inspire and influence youths to strive for what they believe in, and to never give up on their dreams. His poetry book "Times Have Changed and Life is Strange" and his novel "Monster" are currently used in schools on the lower east side of Manhattan. Ben Burgess has a BA degree in Business Management, and a MA degree in Educational Leadership. He is the proud father of his daughter Jaelynn and is active in trying to improve urban neighborhoods and communities. Twitter: Ben_Burgess_Jr

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(5) Five paperback books to (5) selected winners.

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Beware of Me by Cynthia Eden

Walk on the wild side with New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden's dark new romantic suspense, BEWARE OF ME.

Criminal. Killer. Monster. Ethan Barclay has been called many things in life, and he usually doesn't care what people say about him. He's tough, hard, and brutal when he needs to be. But even the most dangerous of men can have a weakness. Ethan's weakness has--and always will be--Carly Shay. 

Their pasts are tied together--twisted and melded by blood and death. Walking away from Carly was the hardest thing that Ethan ever did, but it was also his one good deed. He knew Carly deserved far better than him, and he wanted her to have a perfect life, a life that didn't involve paying for Ethan's sins. 

Only now the secrets from their past have been revealed, and Carly's life is on the line. Ethan's enemies, Carly's enemies--the predators are closing in on them. But Ethan isn't going to let Carly be threatened. He will move heaven and hell to protect her. He won't lose Carly, not again, and for those foolish enough to try and take her from him...they are about to see just how deadly Ethan truly can be.

Author's Note: BEWARE OF ME is a complete, stand-alone story. All of the books in the Dark Obsession series are stand-alone titles.


“Let’s be clear on a few things.” She kept her body stiff in his hold. “Our relationship is over. Long over.” As in…yearsover. “It ended one blood-soaked night when you put me in a cab and just walked away from me. You didn’t contact me again…you didn’t so much as call me.  You built up your life and you moved the hell on.” Now she jerked back, tearing out of his hands because she didn’t want his touch. It made her remember too much about the past. “And now, so have I. Just because I returned to D.C. to help my sister, that did not mean that I went back for you.”
His eyes glittered with emotion.
“Now get out of my way, Ethan.  Because we’re done.”
His blazing stare raked over her.  “How many secrets do you carry?”
She wasn’t going to keep talking to him in the middle of that crowded street.  In fact, she wasn’t going to keep talking to him at all.  She had a life now. A good life. She wasn’t going to throw it away. Her past—and the secrets there—were locked up tightly inside of her.  Carly took a deep breath, and she gave Ethan a wide berth as she headed around him. If he wouldn’t move, she’d just keep going on her own.
Keep going…and keep in control. Carly knew maintaining control of her emotions was vital. She’d contained her pain and anger for years. Nothing got past her control these days.
But then she heard his footsteps, and Carly realized that Ethan was following her.
No, no, no.
“I let you go once before…” His words drifted to her. “Do you have any fucking idea just how hard that was for me?”
Impossible. “You sent me away.” She kept walking.
“Because I’d already brought you blood and death and hell.”
No, she’d done that…herself.
“I can’t do it again,” Ethan said. “I won’t…”
The crosswalk light up ahead was red. She had to stop at the corner. He closed in behind her, and she could actually feel the warmth of his body reaching out to her and then—his fingers brushed along her hip.  Her eyes closed, just for a moment, as her control cracked, faint spider-webs of emotion breaking through the surface.
Then she made her eyes open.
“I want something for myself,” Ethan said. “I want you.”
Liar, liar. “You’ve got plenty of women, Ethan. Go back to D.C. Go back to them.” The crosswalk light changed. Green. Yes! “Leave me the hell alone.”
“Sorry, baby,” his voice murmured after her. “But that just isn’t going to be possible.”

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Primal Lust: Billionaire Werewolf Takes A Mate by Randi Cummings

Maya needs to escape a stressful divorce so she heads to the woods to get away and relax. She doesn't know how dangerous those woods can be... she meets mysterious Emmett as he saves her from a terrifying wolf. He awakens a deep, animalistic lust inside her. She feels safe in Emmett's arms but can't shake the feeling that he is the danger in the woods..

Book Spotlight: Alice: Sex in Wonderland by Daniela de Luna

Eat me. Drink me. 

Daniela de Luna reimagines Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic in this fast-paced, erotic adventure, as seen through the eyes of a gung-ho American Alice—young, tenacious, and totally confused in this Looney Tunes world. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

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Monday, 20 July 2015

New Release Spotlight: #99c Dominating Lizzy by Ginger Cain

After their first encounter, Tori and Lizzy schedule another fun-filled Dom/Sub session, this time scandalously in public while out with friends. The fun goes on and on until they can finally make it to Tori’s room again, where their story climaxes.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Infinite Passion by Sam Chege

This book has been described as the African version of Fifty Shades of Grey. It is a love story with ancient lessons about love and passion from an unexpected place. They are great and surprising lessons for the modern world!

Africa is the cradle of humankind. Unknown to many people, it is also the home of the crypts that house the ancient secrets to infinite passion. When a man from Africa introduces a white woman from America to these secrets, it changes her life forever and sets her on a journey that is joyous, frustrating, confusing and at times desperate as she wrestles with the new knowledge. In the end, she finds a new mission for her life and wants to share with the world what she has learned.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Featured FREE read: Seducing Lizzy by Ginger Cain


After a few months of being friends, curiosity gets the better of them. 
Tori and Lizzy explore a whole new side of their short friendship. First-time Dom. Tori shows first-time Sub. Lizzy the ropes, literally.

Book Spotlight: Desert Heat by Marilyn Moist

Four steamy stories in one sexy collection. Marilyn Moist’s unstoppable Sheik Abdul has stamina to spare – for a lonely young wife… for two naughty sisters plus his handsome school-friend… for pretty English Angela, who drives him wild in the bath and then features in his first cell-phone video. She suggests sensual improvements that require a re-shoot, and of course he’s man enough to shoot for her again.



The girl leaned further over the tub, which caused her to tighten around him and just about kill him. “Water’s right, I think.” She turned off the taps.After he regained his breath, Abdul withdrew in a slow, excruciating slide. 
The girl turned and rested her butt on the edge of the tub, inspecting him with interest as he pushed his pants all the way to his feet, and kicked them away. “That’s one you owe me,” she said, parting her legs and grasping the edge of the tub with a hand either side. She tilted her hips up at him, eyes capturing his. “Now would be good.”
His brain boiled at the sight of her dark pink folds—moist, slippery, such an explicit invitation. He reached for the dark green wash-cloth, dipped it in the warm water, and wiped it tenderly between her legs. “You smell like sugar-cookies,” he murmured. “Do you taste the same?” He bent and pushed his tongue inside her. The girl inhaled sharply. “Sugar cookies and sweet, sweet woman,” he confirmed. 
He rubbed the cloth under his balls, over the root of his cock, and then around his shaft, squeezing to expel the last of his seed. 
The girl reached out a finger and scooped up that final gush of whiteness. She brought it to her nose and sniffed. Then licked, closing her eyes to concentrate. “Musky man,” she said. 
Abdul stopped breathing for a few seconds, entranced at the sight of her sampling him. Then he reached sideways, dragged the low ottoman across the floor, and sat in front of her. “Feet here and here,” he ordered, patting the fabric either side of his parted knees. 
She planted her right foot where he’d indicated but raised her left so her long slim toes caressed his balls as they lay on the priceless old tapestry. She dallied back and forth, pushing and kneading at him, an amused expression on her face as his cock began to rise again. “Nice recovery,” she said, finally placing her left foot where he wanted it. 
He gazed straight into her glistening fragrant pussy, his paradise for the rest of the night. 
Angela waited, breathless for him to begin. Toby had never done this for her; never done much at all for her. Never taken her with the passion this exotic sheik had. Never made her tremble inside with the merest glance of dark eyes.Never made her feel the distinct trickle of moisture spreading from somewhere deep inside all the way down to her panties.
She’d been so angry with herself earlier. Why had she turned off the main road and then driven the damn car into the sand? 
Out of nowhere he’d appeared—a fairy-tale man in white robes astride a huge camel. His eyes had ensnared her. His deep voice had thrilled her. And however flip she’d tried to sound, he’d seen right through to her vulnerable soul.
She’d come here craving adventure. He looked like plenty of adventure.

Book Spotlight: Touched by a Phoenix by Sophia Byron

Military technology, shrouded in secrecy and isolation. 
So was the man that gave it life…or so he thought. 

Playboy Brad Scott spent years avoiding love, his heart and mind dedicated to only one thing—global security. That is, until he meets the elusive Alexandria Saunders, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in military technology and the fiercest corporate attorney in the mixing bowl. Alexis tears Brad’s world apart the moment they meet and with a single touch, becomes the breath against his fire…his obsession. 

With Alexis at his side, he has realized the greatest breakthrough of the century in military technology. Now, the world wants what he knows and will stop at nothing to hunt him down. 

In a game of betrayal, terrorists seem determined to destroy Brad but should they fail, they’ll opt to eradicate the next best thing—Alexis. In a race against time, can Brad swallow his pride and allow former CIA agent John Martin to help him save the only woman who has the power to save him from himself? Along the way, can they save the world from the horrors about to be unleashed? 

Add to your Goodreads

About the Author

Sophia Byron is a Virginia native and wife to a retired U.S. Air Force Veteran. She and her husband have three adult children. Sophia divides her time equally between family, day job, and writing. During her free time, you will find her playing with her grandson, reading, baking, fishing or playing a round of golf. She believes that readers deserve the very best she has to give. As a new author, she utilizes a unique blend of talents to create complex layered plots; weaving a tale of electrifying romance and sizzling passion combined with a unique blend of action, cutting edge science, mystery, suspense, and thrills all of which take readers through may twists and turns, in an effort to keep her readers engrossed until the very end.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Book Spotlight: A Promise Kept by K.S. David

Quinn McGuire only wanted to lay her mother to rest. She planned to hustle out of Hayden County, Kentucky once it was all done. The town held nothing but bad memories for her. She’d never forget the echoes of children’s taunts calling her poor trash and whispers about her daddy's crimes. With the exception of her best friend, Jack Lassiter, there was no one in Hayden she cared about - and she’d even been hiding from him for the last two years. But in less than 24-hours after her arrival, Quinn’s brother gets arrested for murder, derailing her plans for a quick exit. Quinn has to find a way to clear his name, but shadows from her past threaten her efforts and her sanity. As she moves closer to the truth, she just may be putting herself in the path of the real killer.

Book Spotlight: The Archon Series Bundle by Veronica Storm

All five of the Archon series together, to be read as one fluid story. 
Jen was not only smart, she was beautiful as well. To help her break into the men's club and make detective, she was willing to use her physicality, and did. The only problem is she developed feelings for her boss in doing so. High profile murders start happening, and she gets assigned to investigate. Little did she know what she was getting pulled into. Men in power, billionaires are suddenly involved, as she finds herself amidst a scheme that was set into motion in times of antiquity, by beings from another world. Their unwitting pawn ,she discovers all as she is sent undercover into the group suspected of pulling off the assassinations. But nothing is as it seems, and it will take the oldest living man on earth, alive since almost the beginning of time, to show her what reality is, and who is running human societies. Who created us. 

This bundle consists of: Ecstasy of the Archons: Book one 
Power of the Archons: Book two 
Messiah of the Eons: Book three 
Slave to the Succubus: Book four 
Day of the Prophet: Book five 

Book Spotlight: The Queen's Diary by Jo Hunter #99c

Young Queen Amida is known not only in her country Egypt but in all ancient Europe for her beauty and power. But can she resist the gallant, handsome soldier who rides to the palace, sent by Julius Caesar? Meanwhile, murderous young Dion arrives at the palace and his chief intention is to kill the Roman soldier who has an eye on his fiancee. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Love Lies Deep by Yuwanda Black


When her mother breaks her hip, 36-year-old Nylah Simmons decides decides it's time to pack up and leave the big city. Even though she loved New York, it wasn't home. It was time to go back to Cotswald, the little southern town in the Florida Panhandle where she'd been born and raised. Her mother was getting older, and as an only child, she'd wanted to be near her. And she was happy ... until the one man she'd hoped never to lay eyes on again comes to town and wrecks the peaceful existence she's created. 

Nylah was shaking as she entered the girls bathroom in the hallway of the high school where she worked as a guidance counselor. How in the hell had this happened? She thought she'd left her old life – and him -- behind when she left New York three years ago. Now he was here. He was the last person she expected to see anywhere near Cotswald. He was supposed to be in New York, or wherever, but not here; not in Cotswald! But it was him. There was no mistaking that slightly bow-legged, condfident swagger of his. It was Satchel Richland, the only man she'd ever made room in her whole heart for. 

"Hello Nylah," a figure leaning against the wall right outside the bathroom door said. “It’s good to see you again.” Nylah jumped; the folders she was carrying falling from her arms. Papers flew everywhere.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to scare you." 

"Some things never change. You seem to do a lot of things you don't mean, Satchel," she said, bending down to pick up the papers. 

"You're more beautiful than I remember," he observed. "Have dinner with me?" he asked. 

"When purple pigs fly with blue cows," she snapped, snatching the final piece of paper he held out to her with one hand. She stormed off down the hallway, her three-inch high, black leather pumps clicking an angry staccato on the cement of the hallway. He followed effortlessly. 

"Will you at least tell me why not?" he asked. They hadn't seen each other in years, why was she so angry? 

"Because I don't want to," Nylah bit out, the spicy, woodsy smell of his cologne, with just a hint of citrus invading her nostrils. She could live to be a hundred and never forget that smell. This is not how she would have wished things to go after not seeing him for years. 

"That's not good enough. You owe me a real reason," Satchel responded, the slow, deep, even timbre of his voice flooding her with memories. 

He licked his lips, the simple act flooding her with even more memories. Were they as soft as she remembered? 

Nylah felt suffocated. As usual, his presence blotted out all else for her when he was near. Her breathing deepened as she tried to stave off a sudden panic attack. "I don't owe you anything!" she hissed, her voice as loud as she could make it without causing a scene. She started to walk again, whispering fervently. "You stay away from me. I want nothing to do with you. Do you hear me? Nothing!" 

"I hear you loud and clear Nylah." He bent and gave her a kiss, whispering in her ear as his lips left her right cheek, "But I can't stay away from you. ... I never could, and that's the problem." 

The bell signaling the change of class rang, startling her. She almost dropped the folders she held again. 

“Sometimes baby, love lies deep … a man gets buried in your soul and there ain’t no getting him out," her mother had said to her once. The words haunted her as she thought about Satchel. He'd been the one to end their relationship, so what did he want now? She had fought hard to get over him, and one thing she knew for sure though ... there was no way she was letting him back in -- not after the way he'd crushed her all those years ago. And she knew just how to keep him away. Only, could she go through with it? 

Or would the love that had lain so deeply within for him resurface, leading to heartbreak all over again?

Book Spotlight: Mrs Porter by L.E. Crumb

Mrs. Porter is an elderly lady who lives all by herself. Being widowed for a number of years, her life these days seems to just drift along with the same mundane routine and very little company. Still, she has learned to get used to it. 
With the arrival of a young and hunky new neighbour, Mrs. Porter`s world would soon turn upside-down. She didn't know it yet, nor would she have dared to expected it, but things were about to get very steamy indeed! 
A sexy, shocking, and entertaining erotic comedy short from the author of "Fifty Snacks of Maize." 
If you have a filthy sense of humor, then this is the story for you!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Darque Phantasy by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

The hand that held his sword was the hand that held his heart.

Darque Anbhás was known throughout the Megaverse as the Faolchú Príomha, the Alpha of the Black Tribe, defender of his werewolf clansmen and warrior to equal none before him. When his little brother is murdered by their enemies, he takes hostage the daughter of the Lord High Chancellor in retaliation. What started out as brutal vengeance on his part became the sweetest of temptations he could not resist. He will cleave apart two kingdoms to keep Aisling at his side for the young witch has brought his aching heart back to life.


“I think you’ll need me to unbutton your gown,” he said, getting to his feet.
She dipped her head—unable to look into his face for her cheeks were on fire. “This is the most beautiful gown I’ve ever seen,” he said as he worked the buttons.
“It is,” she agreed. “It was my honor to wear it.”
“You certainly do it justice,” he said and she trembled as his knuckles crazed her flesh where the chemise did not cover it. “I’m curious…”
She felt his hands at her waist then heard him grunt. “What?” she asked.
“I thought I could circle your little waist and I was right.”
“You have large hands, milord,” she said, self-consciously.
He leaned down to put his lips to her ear. “And you have a tiny waist, milady.” He kissed her ear and her knees nearly folded beneath her. The spiral of his breath winding through her ear canal made her belly clench again.
He straightened and finished with the remainder of the buttons. When she would have turned, he put his hands to the top of her gown and began peeling it over her shoulders and down her chest. She stilled like a deer caught in a spotlight. Breathing was out of the question as the gown lowered to her waist then slid silkily past her hips.
“Up,” he said, his palm grazing her thigh sensuously.
Obediently she lifted her leg and then the other and he had the glorious gown in his hands. He carried it to one of the overstuffed chairs and laid it gently over the chair back. When he turned back to her, she had the wild urge to run for the look on his face scared the hell out of her.
Standing there in her chemise and stockings, she felt more naked than if she actually was.
He came back to her with the easy, confident stride that marked him as the Alpha of his pack. The hot gleam in his eyes kept her riveted even though every instinct in her body screamed at her to run.
“Lovely,” he said as his gaze swept down the chemise. He cocked his head toward the couch. “Sit, milady.”
His eyes were so mesmerizing, his expression so potent, it never occurred to her not to obey. She moved to the couch—her feet feeling as though they were encased in cement—and sank down, watching him warily. When he hunkered down before her, she knew a moment of confusion.
Then he put his palms on her thighs and began to inch the hem of the chemise up her legs. She gasped.
He arched a brow and his lips twitched. “Your stockings?” he asked in a throaty voice that sent shivers up her spine.
“Aye,” she whispered.
It was his right to undress her, she thought. He was her husband and according to the laws of his people and hers, he had total, complete authority over her. She was his possession. She belonged to him. He could do whatever he wanted to her.
His fingers were warm as they touched her left knee. He slid his hand under it and lifted her leg to remove her slipper. He put the shoe aside then glided his palms up her calf to her knee to her thigh then took hold of the garter. His eyes locked on hers, he slid the black lace band down her leg and off her foot.
“You have gorgeous legs,” he said as he hooked the fingers of both hands under the stocking and peeled it gently down her thigh.
“Thank you,” she murmured.
“No,” he said with a grin. “Thank you.”
She couldn’t help grinning back at him. He acted as though she’d given him a present of some kind.
“You should smile more often, milady,” he said as he reached for her right foot. “It makes you even more beautiful.”
Once more the heat invaded her cheeks. Her hands were curled around the edge of the couch cushion and she was glad for she felt as though she might float away any moment from the lightness that had entered her heart.
Until she saw him frown.
His hand was on her slipper but his gaze was riveted on the iron band beneath the stocking.
“Is s…something wrong, milord?” she asked.
A muscle clenched in his jaw then he looked back down at her ankle. He removed the garter then drew the stocking down her leg. It snagged on the band and his frown deepened.
“It didn’t put a run in the silk,” he said as he took the stocking from her foot.
“Thank goodness,” she said. “It would be a shame to ruin something so lovely.”
He looked up at her through his lashes. “If I remove this band, what will you do?”
She frowned. “Do, milord?”
“Will you use your magic against me to leave Daingean?” he asked, his eyes boring into hers.
“Where would I go, milord?” she countered. “You are my lawful husband. Why would I use my magic against you for any reason?”
He snorted. “Milady, witches have been using their magic against weremen since time began. There has never been any love lost between our kinds.”
She lifted her chin. “Not this witch. I bear you no malice, milord. I never have.”
He stared at her for a long moment. “You swear it?”
She put her palm to her heart. “On my honor,” she replied. “Did I not vow to honor and protect you? I do not lie, milord, and I never go back on a vow.” She swallowed hard. “It would be a mortal sin to do so.”
He slowly raised his head and his look was unreadable. “Aye, it would,” he said in a gruff tone. He sighed.
“Unfortunately I don’t have the key. Paddy does.”
“He will advise you to leave the band where it is, milord,” she said.
“It isn’t his call to make,” he replied.

Charlee, as she is known to her readers, is the author of over 90 published speculative fiction novels. Her signature Reaper characters can be found in five different series including DemonWind, WesternWind, WindVerse, WindWorld, and HellWind. She has won several prestigious awards from top review websites and has a large and loyal following of readers. There are over 900 reviews of her novels on her website where you can spend hours learning all about her creations, characters, and the worlds she has built. Married to her high school sweetheart for 43 years, she lost the love of her life in 2009. She is the mother of two sons, grandmother of two and great-grandmother to a gorgeous little girl who bears her name. House slave to seven demanding felines, she is currently at work on her 100th novel and trying to throw kitty kibble away from the keyboard so she can type.

Blog/Website: and website:
Facebook: and

Book Spotlight: My Billionaire by S.E. Xavier

Meet Kelly. She’s just an ordinary secretary who has been put up to an extraordinary task. She must impress the billionaire playboy CEO Robert Brooks or her job is on the line. 
She has been trusted with the client of a lifetime for her company and it’s do or die time. Kelly feels the pressure of meeting this rich, enigmatic man as she travels cross country for the biggest business meeting of her young life. 
But, can she handle the task of persuading this powerful and wealthy man to invest in her fledging company? Can she use her feminine wiles to convince Mr. Brooks that her company is the right one to invest in or will she blow it? 
Can Kelly control her lustful desires and keep her animal instincts in check as she prepares for the biggest meeting of her life?! Can she satisfy the power-hungry billionaire who is never impressed? 
Don’t miss one pulse-pounding moment! A sexual tale of one woman’s desire for the right lover and the delicate balance of work and play. It is a fine like that Kelly walks as she tries to figure out this unpredictable billionaire. Things becomes complicated as Kelly tries her best to win over the approval of the man that can potentially change her life forever. 
It is sure to make your temperature rise as we watch Kelly and Mr. Brooks meet for the first time. With their first encounter deciding the fate of Kelly’s company, she has to be willing to do anything to get the contract. Can Kelly make Mr. Brooks see things her way? Can she lay claim to the richest man in North America? Can she seduce the mysterious Mr. Brooks and call him “My Billionaire”?