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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Billionaire's Attraction by Natalie Golden

Introducing BILLIONAIRE'S ATTRACTION, book one in the hot and sexy new romance series, What An Alpha Billionaire Wants, by Natalie Golden... 

Twenty-something Bethany Campbell has a life with few complications. She's a partner in a dress boutique with her friend and roommate Joanne and she just started dating Nate, her handsome best friend since college and the best "playing it safe" choice for a romantic partner. 

Cameron Porter is the eccentric young heir of his family's multi-billion dollar empire. Sexy, powerful, dominant and used to getting what he wants, his killer smile makes it impossible for women to say no. He loves all of his exotic toys and he loves to play games, especially behind closed doors. 

When assigned the traditional task of finding a wedding dress for his sister's wedding, Cameron finds more than what he was looking for at the boutique. Beth soon discovers that she is insatiable when it comes to Cameron, experiencing pleasures and seductions she's never experienced before as he moves her from romance, to passion, to ecstasy, to complete surrender living by the billionaire's rules. 

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