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Friday, 17 July 2015

Book Spotlight: The Archon Series Bundle by Veronica Storm

All five of the Archon series together, to be read as one fluid story. 
Jen was not only smart, she was beautiful as well. To help her break into the men's club and make detective, she was willing to use her physicality, and did. The only problem is she developed feelings for her boss in doing so. High profile murders start happening, and she gets assigned to investigate. Little did she know what she was getting pulled into. Men in power, billionaires are suddenly involved, as she finds herself amidst a scheme that was set into motion in times of antiquity, by beings from another world. Their unwitting pawn ,she discovers all as she is sent undercover into the group suspected of pulling off the assassinations. But nothing is as it seems, and it will take the oldest living man on earth, alive since almost the beginning of time, to show her what reality is, and who is running human societies. Who created us. 

This bundle consists of: Ecstasy of the Archons: Book one 
Power of the Archons: Book two 
Messiah of the Eons: Book three 
Slave to the Succubus: Book four 
Day of the Prophet: Book five 

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