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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Desert Heat by Marilyn Moist

Four steamy stories in one sexy collection. Marilyn Moist’s unstoppable Sheik Abdul has stamina to spare – for a lonely young wife… for two naughty sisters plus his handsome school-friend… for pretty English Angela, who drives him wild in the bath and then features in his first cell-phone video. She suggests sensual improvements that require a re-shoot, and of course he’s man enough to shoot for her again.



The girl leaned further over the tub, which caused her to tighten around him and just about kill him. “Water’s right, I think.” She turned off the taps.After he regained his breath, Abdul withdrew in a slow, excruciating slide. 
The girl turned and rested her butt on the edge of the tub, inspecting him with interest as he pushed his pants all the way to his feet, and kicked them away. “That’s one you owe me,” she said, parting her legs and grasping the edge of the tub with a hand either side. She tilted her hips up at him, eyes capturing his. “Now would be good.”
His brain boiled at the sight of her dark pink folds—moist, slippery, such an explicit invitation. He reached for the dark green wash-cloth, dipped it in the warm water, and wiped it tenderly between her legs. “You smell like sugar-cookies,” he murmured. “Do you taste the same?” He bent and pushed his tongue inside her. The girl inhaled sharply. “Sugar cookies and sweet, sweet woman,” he confirmed. 
He rubbed the cloth under his balls, over the root of his cock, and then around his shaft, squeezing to expel the last of his seed. 
The girl reached out a finger and scooped up that final gush of whiteness. She brought it to her nose and sniffed. Then licked, closing her eyes to concentrate. “Musky man,” she said. 
Abdul stopped breathing for a few seconds, entranced at the sight of her sampling him. Then he reached sideways, dragged the low ottoman across the floor, and sat in front of her. “Feet here and here,” he ordered, patting the fabric either side of his parted knees. 
She planted her right foot where he’d indicated but raised her left so her long slim toes caressed his balls as they lay on the priceless old tapestry. She dallied back and forth, pushing and kneading at him, an amused expression on her face as his cock began to rise again. “Nice recovery,” she said, finally placing her left foot where he wanted it. 
He gazed straight into her glistening fragrant pussy, his paradise for the rest of the night. 
Angela waited, breathless for him to begin. Toby had never done this for her; never done much at all for her. Never taken her with the passion this exotic sheik had. Never made her tremble inside with the merest glance of dark eyes.Never made her feel the distinct trickle of moisture spreading from somewhere deep inside all the way down to her panties.
She’d been so angry with herself earlier. Why had she turned off the main road and then driven the damn car into the sand? 
Out of nowhere he’d appeared—a fairy-tale man in white robes astride a huge camel. His eyes had ensnared her. His deep voice had thrilled her. And however flip she’d tried to sound, he’d seen right through to her vulnerable soul.
She’d come here craving adventure. He looked like plenty of adventure.

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