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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Book Spotlight: Desires of Pretty and Young Russian by Alexandra White

Natasha’s father left when she was little and her mother suffered from a drinking problem ever since. Because of her mother’s irrational and irresponsible decisions, Natasha found herself in a difficult situation at such a young age. His stepfather, a man her mother married after only three weeks, raped her for years. 
Then she met a boy who she thought would change her life. Igor, the new boy next door, had a smile to swoon over and a body to die for. They became friends and soon enough, lovers. Once Natasha opened up about the difficult life she was leaving back home, Igor took her out of town and away from the house that had kept her prison for so long. However, life wasn’t as sweet as she thought it would be. 
Natasha needed a rock and Igor turned out to be sand. His promises of a better life were gone with the wind and again, the poor girl was unsure of her future. She was yet again to suffer from another person’s failure to keep his word. 
Natasha experienced a lot of suffering in her life. The struggles she faced led her to live a reckless life. As time passed and as she grew older, she realized she was not as tough as she credited herself to be. She needed someone to save her and she had no idea where her miserable life would take her. 
Here is Natasha’s story. Here is how she came to be. In a life full of an endless stream of problems and persecutions, here’s a girl who still wants to be saved, who longs for genuine care and love, who searches for retribution. She made mistakes in the past, but she is desperately trying to claw her way out of the pit that years of guilt, anger, hatred and neglect had put her in. 

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