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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Book Spotlight: My Billionaire by S.E. Xavier

Meet Kelly. She’s just an ordinary secretary who has been put up to an extraordinary task. She must impress the billionaire playboy CEO Robert Brooks or her job is on the line. 
She has been trusted with the client of a lifetime for her company and it’s do or die time. Kelly feels the pressure of meeting this rich, enigmatic man as she travels cross country for the biggest business meeting of her young life. 
But, can she handle the task of persuading this powerful and wealthy man to invest in her fledging company? Can she use her feminine wiles to convince Mr. Brooks that her company is the right one to invest in or will she blow it? 
Can Kelly control her lustful desires and keep her animal instincts in check as she prepares for the biggest meeting of her life?! Can she satisfy the power-hungry billionaire who is never impressed? 
Don’t miss one pulse-pounding moment! A sexual tale of one woman’s desire for the right lover and the delicate balance of work and play. It is a fine like that Kelly walks as she tries to figure out this unpredictable billionaire. Things becomes complicated as Kelly tries her best to win over the approval of the man that can potentially change her life forever. 
It is sure to make your temperature rise as we watch Kelly and Mr. Brooks meet for the first time. With their first encounter deciding the fate of Kelly’s company, she has to be willing to do anything to get the contract. Can Kelly make Mr. Brooks see things her way? Can she lay claim to the richest man in North America? Can she seduce the mysterious Mr. Brooks and call him “My Billionaire”? 

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