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Monday, 10 August 2015

Book Spotlight: Bulletproof Princess by Alexis D. Craig

Love and Safety Are Dangerous Illusions
Bulletproof Princess #18+ #RomanticSuspense #Free on #KU 

A life in the shadows and a life in the public eye collide, leading to a forbidden romance and the and the path of a highly motivated hitman.

Cassie Witt is a darling of the country music scene. With her extensive crossover success, she enjoys a public life full of privilege and extensive media exposure. She doesn’t mind the press, but the mere presence of it has effectively killed her social life. Her private life, however, is much more circumspect, confined to her close cadre of friends, her manager Clint and her assistant Trista. When Clint is killed in front of her after a private concert, she’s thrust into a world of grief and grievances from a dangerous cartel.

Deputy Marshal Mackenzie Jefferson is a known ladies’ man who never gets too close, and a WITSEC Inspector on a night off after a successful prisoner transport to Las Vegas. Visiting friends while in town, he’s called out to receive a new witness into the program by his overly-ambitious deputy chief. The simple act of obeying an order sends him and his partner Angela on a desperate quest to keep his charge safe and find the assassin pursuing her.

Hidden away in the middle of the desert at his parents’ place, the clock is ticking as Mack and Cassie’s illicit attraction comes to a boil and the man hunting them is receiving help from an unlikely source. Will the new connection Cassie and Mack forge be enough to keep them both safe, or will they find out the hard way that neither of them are as safe as they seem?

Everybody’s got secrets, and if they’re not careful, the desert will swallow them all.

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