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Monday, 10 August 2015

Book Spotlight: Find Love in the Sweet Life by Diann Dean

When Emily McCauley’s business partner came up with the idea of partnering with a large, gourmet food company on a specialty food line as a way to save their floundering bakery, she reluctantly agreed.The decision led to her having to substitute for her partner at a reception. There she collided with an achingly handsome stranger and began a flirtation over a glass of spilled wine. Despite her wounded heart, Emily was immediately drawn to him. During an important business meeting the next day, Emily discovered the stranger was Nick Hawkins, the food company owner.Nick’s attraction to Emily surprised him and he pursued her despite his better judgment.

Emily and Nick’s flirtation turned to love but every time they neared a commitment, fate intervened. Their relationship faltered in the intrigues of the world of fine dining, famous chefs, and critics.An Internet campaign of falsehoods and charges of poor quality food supported by fraudulent recipes threatened both their businesses and reputations.

The turmoil tears Emily and Nick’s fragile new relationship apart. The question became not if they loved each other but whether they could find the missing ingredient in their relationship that would allow them to follow their hearts?

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