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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Book Spotlight: Medieval Domination

The limited offer bundle offers a SAVING of 40% 

This collection brings together 3 dark stories of medieval torture and menage. 

Read and learn how three strong and dominant alpha males have taken unsuspecting females and subjected them to dangerous and extreme levels of sexual domination and punishment. 

Ambush Me!

My name is Laura and I have heard all the rumours.

The sexual torture, the interrogation and the breaking of a woman’s will.

The Kingdom’s Prince, I want him to take me, hurt me, abuse me and introduce me to his dark and evil world.

I will do anything to lay bare for his punishment.

My set up is complete, the guards are coming to take me away.

My emotions mixed but my body begs for the pain…..

I want it, I want it all, I want the Prince and his guards to Ambush Me!

Punish Me!

He stands in front me, his eyes show no signs of mercy.

Laid bare, strapped and tied down, I don’t know where he has taken me.

One minute I’m living my normal life, the next, the dark and overpowering masked stranger is staring down at me as I try and struggle free.

He has trapped me and wants information.

My heart is racing, I know he will sexually interrogate me to get what he wants from me.

Who is he and why does he want it.

Moreover, I don’t have the information to give him.

He starts to tighten the straps, lifts me into suspension and lights his fire wand.

As he brushes the flame against my thigh, I close my eyes and clench my fists.

My time is fast running out……..

Snatch Me!

My name is Violet and this is my story.

There is not much that I can remember that night after I blacked out.

My captor sought me out, tricked me, took me into his arms and tied me down.

My body became his playground, he used his body and his medieval devices to ……

break me, to twist me, to hurt me to extract information.

I know what he wants to know but I will not give it to him.

His bondage, his spanking and his medieval torture only turns me on.

I can play his game better than he can.

How far will he go to extract what he needs from me.

I whisper in the air ‘Break me my Captor’

Twist me my Captor’

‘Truly Violate Me……………….’ 

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