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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Book Spotlight: Through Becky's Eyes by H.E. Kline

"Never thought you'd read an erotic novel set inside a Federal Courthouse? Think again" ... 
"50 Shades of Boston's Federal Courthouse" ... The Boston Globe Jan. 12, 2015

Warning: This book contains erotica, graphic violence, profanity, murder, molestation, depravity, and sexually explicit scenes and is intended for mature audiences only.

Becky Lawrence was a recent Harvard Law graduate. While she was in college she worked as a law clerk for Judge Charles Woodbury. When the Judge invites her for lunch, she accepts his invitation unbeknown how the meeting would change her life. Judge Charles Woodbury had watched Becky excel in working for him. He knew she had the skills needed to be a successful attorney. He takes it upon himself to write a letter of recommendation. His reference was enough to secure her a position as Assistant U.S. Attorney. 

Overnight "Becky" Lawrence turns into Rebecca D. Lawrence, Assistant U.S. Attorney. She is assigned to work for Zach Woods, Senior Assistant U.S. Attorney. Zach has the reputation that he will stop at nothing to win a case. She feels the two of them working side by side will give her a leading edge to set her apart from her future competition.

Working with Zach creates an instant chemistry Becky never anticipated. Although Zach is married with a family, his pursuit of Becky is obvious. To complicate matters more, there is a ghost that makes his presence known in the courtroom.

Will Becky throw caution to the wind and give into the demands that Zach is placing on her? Will she be able to solve the mystery of the courtroom phantom while still keeping a highly polished professional image? Zach and Becky's chemistry is explosive. Together they singe the pages as they explore their feelings for each other....

Becky believes in justice, in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ... don't you? The sad reality is not every wrong gets righted, at least not in the way the scales of justice would have us believe. Sometimes deals must be struck and victims sacrificed....

Written by a Former Federal Official Court Reporter for the District of Massachusetts, using actual court records Through Becky's Eyes takes you inside of the United States Attorney's Office behind "closed doors" into the plea deals and cooperation agreements prosecutors engage in as they trade one life for another, the small fry for the big fish, in their quest for justice.

This novel will make you question your sense of justice and your inner moral compass as you take a walk, a walk Through Becky's Eyes. 


“Amanda stood listening at the door, her tongue licking her bottom lip as Zach whispered: ‘What do you want, baby?’

‘Oh, God,’ Becky screamed as Zach wiggled her clit with his tongue and Amanda’s mouth fell open as her eyes bulged.

‘Say it,’ Zach whispered as Becky screamed: ‘Oh, God, Zach.’

Zach whispered: ‘Shhh … say it.’ He stood up and threw the chair back against the wall with his left hand as he wiggled his tip against her clit, teasing her as she screamed: ‘Fuck me, Zach … oh, my God, fuck me.’”

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