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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Featured #FREE book: Secret Billionaire: The Perfect Seduction by Melinda Adams


He was a man right out of my wildest fantasies, not someone I ever thought I’d meet in my small town. 

A tall, handsome, muscular man named Michael was the last person I expected to meet just weeks after defending my dissertation. When I ran into him in the park, I forgot my ex-husband, Tom, for the first time in months. Everything about him screamed that he was my Mr. Right, and I barely knew anything about him! 

His eyes drew me in like a ship to a wild stormy night. I wanted him, but I wasn’t confident enough to admit it. Why would he want a curvy girl like me? He insisted he wanted me, and he was willing to take a chance and do whatever it took to win me. 

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