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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Featured FREE Book: Touchpaper by Katy Baker


Book 1 of Don’t Touch 

Alex Chambers never thought she would see Damon McGregor again. 
As children they’d been best friends. They’d laughed together. Cried together. Done everything together. That is, until the night Alex asked Damon to do something that changed their relationship forever. 
They haven’t spoken in three years. So, when Alex visits a friend at college and bumps into Damon again, she’s shocked to the core. 
She’s shocked by how attractive he’s become. She’s shocked at how cool and confident he’s become. 
But most of all, she’s shocked by the way her body reacts to him. 
Could he be the same man she used to know? Or is he the cold, arrogant alpha male his reputation suggests? 
Touchpaper is a 20,000 word new adult romance novella. It contains adult material and is suitable for over 18s only. 

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