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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Featured FREE read: Gypsy Roots by Anne Luicrim


It all began with a game of Bridge. 

Romania and Australia couldn't be further apart, but when Rose's estranged uncle dies suddenly and mysteriously, his last wish is for her to spend a year in Brisvagus. With the advice of her spirited grand mother, Rose takes the bull by the horns but gets more than she expected. A mysterious man named James follows her home one night after bridge and her life will never be the same. 
Who keeps braking into her house? Was Mrs. Capeletti's death an accident or murder? Are they out to get her as well? Who can you trust? And all Rose wanted to do was to soak in come culture and maybe find a little love. 

New love, old love, new adventure, old mystery, a bit of danger and a bit of old magic. 
And it all start with a game of bridge.

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