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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Book Spotlight: Cinderella: A modern adult fairy tale by May Sage


The King needs an heir and that means finding some sort of woman to do the job; 
“That’s all it’s about, ultimately: basic, carnal compatibility in order to satisfy this need. For that reason, the pictures I request of those who wish to apply are explicit. The full prerequisites are attached to the correspondence. If you aren’t comfortable with these demands, don’t bother applying.” 

Ella applies, seeing straight through the bullshit; she goes as far as derisively add a set of pictures fitting the requirements the letter demands: 
A picture of her "pussy" - a fat, indolent Persian - and of her in her nightwear - yoga pants and a hoodie. 
In lieu of an introduction, her message reads: 

« Dear Daniel Franko Phillipe Del Luz, 
I’ve applied to guarantee that I’m not summoned to your little orgy. 
Fuck you. We aren’t all stupid. 
Ella. » 

It was supposed to go through an automated system; 
she didn't expect anyone to read it... 
Let alone the King 

Book Spotlight: Dear Diary: Alexandria and Zack's Story by Em Kaye

Widow Alexandria Kirk is trying to get back into the dating scene. She meets and dates several men, much to the displeasure of her neighbor who seems to always be looking out for her even if she doesn’t appreciate it. 

Police Chief and neighbor Zachary Bentley, nicknamed ‘the enemy,’ spanked Alex when she was eleven and tried smoking. She’s never forgotten or forgiven him. Since her cat, Muggins, periodically escapes and torments his dog, Sugar, Alex has no recourse but to deal with Zack’s veiled threats. 

Will Zack resort to the same punishment if he thinks Alex deserves it? 

Book Spotlight: #99c The McShannons Series: A BWWM Alpha Billionaire Interracial Romance Complete Boxset by Veronica Maxim

The McShannon Series follows 3 brothers in Boston, MA who are trying to rebuild their lives in the wake of their father's dark legacy. Despite their financial success, the 3 men have yet to find true love. Shane has always had an eye on the lawyer prosecuting their father. Colin can't seem to let his first love go, especially when she makes a sudden reappearance. And Patrick is struck by Cupid's bow when he meets a single mother. This exclusive box set contains all 3 original stories (His Desire, His Love and His Passion). FREE for KU!

Featured Book: #99c I'm Maid For You by Luxx Monroe

After Natalie Rifton receives devastating news about her mother, she alters her life to make sure her mom receives the best care possible. Taking a job at her best friend’s maid's service isn’t exactly what Natalie had planned for her life, but sometimes sacrificing your own goals for those you love is worth it in the end. What she wasn’t anticipating was a man that would be her undoing. 

Kent Bryant is a business-man who doesn’t have time for love. However, the moment he meets his new maid, his initial plans for her change. 

I’m Maid For You is a steamy novella about two people both walking on a certain path in life, but who get side-tracked by desire. Will Natalie cross that line from employee to lover, and risk everything she’s worked for? Is a night of unforgettable pleasure worth the consequences? 

Join Natalie and Kent as they explore the possibilities of finding something they didn’t know they were looking for. Sometimes love stumbles out right in front of you; you just have to be willing to open your eyes to see it.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Book Spotlight: I Do, She doesn't by Leila Lacey

Cozette Lion is the youngest child and only daughter to a Hotel and Resort dynasty Lion Industries. Having had the reigns of the company passed to her and not her older brothers, she works very hard to prove her father made the right decision. She has driven Lion Industries to be even more successful than it was with her father at the reigns. So well, that she’s forced her top competitor Carnello Hotel and Resorts into a hostile takeover. 
Derrick Marks wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was born to a drug addicted mother who’d been abused. He worked hard to become the man he is today. Derrick’s mother worked for years as a maid for the Carnello family while he became close to the only son Rafael. Rafael was handed the reigns of his families company and doesn’t know what to do with them. 
He asks Derrick to get close to Cozette, to see if he can get any insider information that will help him put her in her place. Derrick owes him, so he agrees. What he wasn’t ready for was falling in love, with Cozette. 
When Cozette finds out the real reason Derrick started dating her, she wants him to stay far, far away from her. She doesn’t trust him, so there’s no way she is saying yes to his marriage proposal. 
Can Derrick convince Cozette she is the love of his life and he’d do anything for her? Or has his friendship written a check his heart can’t cash?

Featured FREE Book: Sex: 10 Worst Mistakes Couples Make In Bed - Avoid These To Have An Amazing Sex Life by Jules Harris


Give Your Partner Mind Blowing Sex and Be the Best Lover They’ve Ever Had! (WARNING this book can change your life)

You’re about to discover exactly the 10 things you must avoid if you want to give your partner the best sex experience of their lives. Having an amazing sex life is one of the key factors that determine the success of a loving relationship.

If your sex life is good, your relationship is almost guaranteed to be an amazing one. On the other hand, if you don’t please your partner or they don’t please you in bed; it is likely that your relationship will go down the toilet sooner or later if you don’t do something to change this.

No matter how much you love each other, having a bad sex life always translates into other problems like fighting all the time, getting bored of the relationship and cheating.

In this book you will learn exactly what are the things you need to avoid, in order to be the best lover you can be and give your partner mind blowing orgasms all the time. After reading this book, you will NEVER make the major mistakes most people make while having sex.

Some of the mistakes we’ll point at in this book might be things you do in bed all the time and that you have no idea are absolutely ruining your sex life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

The 10 worst mistakes couples make in bed (Some of them might surprise you)
In depth explanation of why these 10 things are considered big mistakes
EXACTLY what to do to avoid those mistakes and replace them with the best practices.
Amazing sex tips that will improve your performance in bed by 100%
Much, MUCH more!

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Do yourself and your partner a favor. Take action today and download this book for FREE!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Erotic Nature: Short Stories by Joy

The First Time 
 Even though these two have been friends for quite some time and have dabbled in the sexual world with each other, they have never gone all the way. The two friends finally get to excite one another on their first sexual escapade. Waiting for that perfect moment to finally be able to touch each other in the ways they have been wanting to for so long now are over. She is no longer holding back what she was wanted to give for so long now. Share in on these two hot, juicy moments that they have been waiting to fully share between the two right here in The First Time. 

 Stories of Naughty Maybe 
 A book with erotic tales to keep you warm by the fire for the holidays. Read on as these women experience a great time on freaky rides in the stories in Naughty Maybe. There are times when you have to be good and times to be just plain naughty. What time is it for you? 

 Freak Fest 
Two friends go to a club to help ease one's stress of her cheating boyfriend. Only to find out the club is actually an after hours orgy party where the people run wild and free doing any and everything that they please. From the bar to the dance floor people are openly reaching their sexual peaks with the patrons of the club. Continue reading to explore t

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Man Who Trained Me-Book One: A Transgender Memoir by Tish Mellon

Hi, I'm Tish Mellon, a transgender woman in her 20s and author of this book. My publisher calls the book a transgender memoir, but I’m too young to be writing biographies & memoirs. I’d rather think of it as a suspenseful “coming of age” book, a battle of the sexes, a chess game. To me, it's not a sleepy memoir; it's a fast-paced page turner. 

Book Spotlight: One Night Stand Romance by Hombre Darby

A vivid cast of characters fills out this collection of erotic short stories for the romantic soul. A definite intense literary page turner exploring the sensual relationships between everyday men and women: 

A busy professional formulates an inventive way to keep his wife happy.
A plus-sized wife struggles with insecurities about her husband’s happiness.
A woman of influence struggles between a vulnerable love and her career
A wife and her soldier love from different sides of the world.
A couple married for over forty years have no problems keeping the fires hot.
A man’s visit to the doctor ends in an interesting diagnosis from the nurse.
East Indian lovers avoid arranged marriage for true love.

The Brat Mega Bundle 2: 6 Taboo Stories

Includes these 6 hot and steamy taboo stories: 

Rivalry of the Brats by Dori Layne
Our Little Secret by Rebekka Tulaine
Seduced by the Man of the House: TABOO Temptations by Kiki Knights
Taken by the Man of the House: Spin Cycle Taboo by Kiki Knights
Trained by the Man of the House: Taboo Dance Lessons by Kiki Knights
Pitching a Tent: Taboo Camping Trip by Ophelia Stephens

Book Spotlight: The Oaf Prince by Sienna Sway

Mistaken identity, kidnap, impending war and forced marriage to an ogre... What is a prince to do?

When Prince Nemir is forced to leave his cushy homeland to make nice with a neighboring kingdom, he knows the trip will be unpleasant. He's not much of the outdoorsy or adventurous type and Tasnia is known for its roughness, its chimera, swamps and worst of all, its oves...

Soluc is the leader of the militia of the oves, the ogre-elf hybrids of Tasnia. But controlling a group of half monsters who want nothing more than to draw blood and have fun is proving more complicated than he expected. Especially when there is an extra prince in the kingdom just to confuse him. Not to mention a jealous brother, willing to stop at nothing to take his place...


“We should probably make sure he’ll survive,” Memet said. “If he is going to die before our ransom is met, then we may as well prepare for battle now.”
Soluc grimaced.
His brother was right. They couldn’t mess up where it concerned the humans and their prince; the outcome would be too unpleasant.
He bent down next to Memet and pulled back the fabric gently.
“Check his head for bumps or cuts,” Memet said.
Doing as he was told, Soluc stroked prince Allard’s hair back, examining his face first. For such a small being, he had strong features; a straight nose, square jaw, high cheekbones, but his skin was just too soft.
Soluc ran his fingertips over his cheeks and neck, feeling it again.
Skin like this did not belong on an adult, he decided.
He looked up at a ripping noise and found Memet tearing the front of the prince’s shirt open to examine his chest.
Soluc raised a brow. Okay, maybe he was a grown man, despite his small size and smooth skin. Chests like that did not belong on children. He was slight but defined.
Shaking his head, Soluc went back to his task, running his fingers deep into the thick, dark hair.
“There’s a bump on the back of his skull, here,” he said, “and one at the front, here.”
Memet came to examine the spots indicated and finally, sat back with a sigh.
“No cuts, a few bruises and two small lumps.”
He looked up at Soluc with an amused smile.
“Hard to believe, but it looks like they did a good job getting the prince.”
Soluc grinned.
“Yeah,” he agreed. “I definitely did not expect that.”
A soft moan drew Soluc’s attention back to the form in front of him. He crouched down even lower to look at the human as he began to sigh and shift in discomfort.
Prince Allard moaned again and it became clear that it was a moan of pain.
Slowly, his eyes fluttered open, focusing on the canopy above them for a moment before he shut them tightly again and pressed a hand to the back of his head.
Soluc smiled.
The little thing was delicate it would seem, or a little bump on the head wouldn’t have been enough to knock him out cold for hours.
Finally, his eyes fluttered open again, exposing dark eyes of a depth that Soluc had never seen before.
He stared at the color—almost black, he was sure—with wonder until they focused on him.
The prince blinked at Soluc blankly, until Soluc thought to say something. He wasn’t very good at kidnapping people, it would seem.
“Hello, Prince Allard,” he said softly. His father had once said that being gentle was the best way to deal with humans. “Don’t be alarmed. You won’t be harmed as long as your family answers our ransom.”
Said prince, furrowed his brow in confusion and then shut his eyes with another hiss of pain.
When he opened them again, the focus was slipping even farther from his eyes.
“I’m not Prince Allard,” he said.
Soluc had misheard him.
He leaned in.
“What?” he asked. His voice came out unnecessarily sharp but the prince didn’t seem to notice.
“I’m Nemir,” he murmured. “From Suvahl.”

And he was out.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Listed for Love by Matthew Price

Jacob has set out on his own to create The Real Agency, a top-tier real estate brokerage in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lauren is his personal assistant, who is in training to become a broker, but is thrown into the deep end of the cutthroat business after Jacob is forced to fire his top-selling agent, and she must pick up the slack as they try and negotiate an important sale of a multi-million dollar estate. During the long hours of work, Jacob tries to woo her, but she has a personality all of her own, and she's not one to be controlled. 


"I have a policy of avoiding short stories and serials but I decided to take a chance on this one. Don’t ask me why. I had a hunch and I went with it. So glad I did. This was a great read. I was really impressed with the author’s ability to give an authentic female voice. The dialogue was both realistic and interesting. There was no contrived angst and no overdose of sarcasm and wit. Humor is definitely present but it wasn’t overblown. The push and pull between Lauren and Jacob was immensely amusing. Both characters were strong. There is an air of mystery in Jacob’s business dealings. The story ended at a perfect place, without an overly dramatic cliffhanger. I look forward to the release of the next two installments." 

Featured FREE book: A Sudden Menage With My Boss' Adult Daughter and Her Roommate by R.P. James

This would turn out to be one hell of an office party... 

I'd been standing nervously in the corner all evening, reluctantly in attendance at my boss's office party. I've always been an anxious person, and I find myself unhappy in these present circumstances to say the least. 

I have a feeling that my boss, Mr. Dixon, is attracted to me, and that worsens matters to no small degree. I think I've always been considered a pretty damn attractive specimen of womanhood by those around me, and I always catch Mr. Dixon studying me when he thinks I'm not looking. 

Secretly, though, despite his seemingly lurid intentions, my real attraction is to women, and although I'm too shy to be open about it, I'm truly a lesbian at heart. 

I luck out big time, however, when I discover that Mr. Dixon's interest me is on behalf of his daughter- who seeks to have a lesbian threesome with her best friend and another lucky lady, who might just turn out to be me... 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Book Spotlight: Transmutation Tales by Delilah Lefevre

Student Wizard Drew Devlin makes a discovery, a potion that transmutes a geeky guy into a gorgeous woman. 

The recipe promised “astounding results” and “guaranteed appeal,” but soon Drew’s identity is in question. Will Drew feel out of place his whole life, or will she figure out how to be happy and find love? 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Momager's Daughters: by Mallory Brett (The Momager's Daughters Book 1) by Mallory Brett

Lights, Camera, Action! Reality TV family The Gonzalez girls have fame, fortune and a very greedy mother pulling all the strings! Experience this highly erotic tell all novel, that sizzles with satire and sex appeal. Money, power, and back door deals abound in this page turning adult read that explores the reality behind reality television. Find out how low it goes for the hottest TV family to stay on top. 

Gia the Momager is a loving caring mother who always drinks what advertisers pay her to, and life is just a dandy party for the Gonzales girls Gabby, Gwen, and Greer as far as the public knows. However the real reality of the show is that the public is paying to see a car crash and Gia is the the devious traffic cop. Find out why the public can't stop staring as love, emotions, and lives are entangled and sometime shattered. In Gia's world even if you you get thrown under the bus you better get back up and not ruin your make up, after all the public is watching. 
Will Gia's marriage survive another year with Ken who often feels trapped when he can't tell if love is real or reality TV. Will Gabby and Gwen make it through another year of celebrity relationships when one can't tell if your loved or just another trophy to be won. 

Will Greer's boyfriend Kyle man up and pop the question and take some responsibility for his own children or is he going to see how long he can keep the party going on the tab of the Gonzalez family. 

Which Gonzalez girl has what it takes to make the most bank and keep their money hungry mother on good terms. Is it possible to have real friends when you make them sign non disclosure agreements. Is the help really the help or another Paparazzi out to sell another sleazy tabloid. The fickle public loves to hate Gabby, Gwen, and Greer who seem to lounge around and get paid millions. The truth is these girls shake their money makers with clothing lines, public appearances, and advertising, but number one in this town is sex sells and fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you are to get on top sometimes some has to go on the bottom.

Book Spotlight: #99c Tempting Waters: A Steamy Romance by P.S. Grant

“The road to forgiveness is paved with hot-steamy-sex” 

GABE: Let’s get something straight right out of the gate…I love my wife. 

That said…I’m the first to admit I SCREWED UP big time. 

One night I gave into lust and slept with my ex and now my life has changed forever. I’m using every bit of sensual arsenal at my disposal in order to win back the love of my life! 

I enjoy the fire that enters her beautiful brown eyes when I caress her and the way she purrs when I invade her body. I am captivated by the passionate seductress hiding behind her innocent brown eyes. 

Fire and passion are terrific, but I miss having love reflecting back at me when I look into her eyes. I want that back. 

EMMA: My husband has committed the ultimate betrayal. He banged another woman. 

Now he wants forgiveness for his moment of recklessness. I am hurt and humiliated and there is no room in my heart for forgiveness. 

Yet…I am powerless against the passion his touch unleashes in me and the way my body withers under the sweet assault of his skillful hands and his tongue and his…other instruments of seduction. 

If only there wasn’t a constant reminder of his betrayal. 

TEMPTING WATERS depicts **in vivid detail** the hot-steamy-sex encounters of a young married couple involved in a love triangle.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Schooled by Piper Lawson

Twenty-one-year-old Alexis Caine is so close to her dream she can taste it. And it tastes like validation and Häagen-Dazs. 

In a few months the quick-talking redhead will graduate with a shiny new business degree and launch a fashion label with her best friend Ava. All the planning, dedication, and saying ‘no’ to everything - and everyone - distracting will pay off. 

Then Dylan Cameron, Ava’s tall, dark and broody younger brother, returns from the East Coast to start sophomore year at Lex's San Diego college. Lex has hardly seen him in years and given his reputation for partying and girls, that’s just fine with her. 

But Dylan’s all grown up. And a night of unplanned confessions for both of them threatens to tear Lex’s carefully constructed world off its axis… 

Because one sassy control freak + one prodigal son = chemistry that refuses to be ignored.