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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Tempting Waters: A Steamy Romance by P.S. Grant

“The road to forgiveness is paved with hot-steamy-sex” 

GABE: Let’s get something straight right out of the gate…I love my wife. 

That said…I’m the first to admit I SCREWED UP big time. 

One night I gave into lust and slept with my ex and now my life has changed forever. I’m using every bit of sensual arsenal at my disposal in order to win back the love of my life! 

I enjoy the fire that enters her beautiful brown eyes when I caress her and the way she purrs when I invade her body. I am captivated by the passionate seductress hiding behind her innocent brown eyes. 

Fire and passion are terrific, but I miss having love reflecting back at me when I look into her eyes. I want that back. 

EMMA: My husband has committed the ultimate betrayal. He banged another woman. 

Now he wants forgiveness for his moment of recklessness. I am hurt and humiliated and there is no room in my heart for forgiveness. 

Yet…I am powerless against the passion his touch unleashes in me and the way my body withers under the sweet assault of his skillful hands and his tongue and his…other instruments of seduction. 

If only there wasn’t a constant reminder of his betrayal. 

TEMPTING WATERS depicts **in vivid detail** the hot-steamy-sex encounters of a young married couple involved in a love triangle.

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