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Friday, 11 September 2015

Book Spotlight: Sassy's Lessons by Stephanie Cain

When Sassy Slater — a defiant, prank-playing college student — finally goes too far, she's exiled to Parker Cady College, a small all-women college in the Midwest. There she meets Silas Turner, a brilliant, alpha-male literature teacher. Sassy's crush on her professor is temporarily extinguished when he spanks her in front of the class for an act of thoughtlessness — but it won't stay that way forever. When Sassy begins taking extra-curricular lessons in the classics, will she be able to resist her professor's dominant ways? Or will her passion for him be an open book?

Professor Turner would not be swayed.
Shakespeare’s sonnet had 14 lines, with five stressed syllables in each; as Marnie’s voice crisply shaped each word, Turner’s paddle roasted Sassy’s rump.
With every second syllable, the paddle swept forward, and Sassy felt her full, round cheeks bounce under its impact.
She thought the professor let up slightly in the second half, but still; by the time Marnie had spoken the final word (“immortal”) Sassy felt as if a blowtorch had been positioned under her bottom. She wiggled shamelessly, as if trying to shake even a small bit of the pain away. 
She cried out, she squealed, she dug her nails into the wood of her desk. But she didn’t cry. Later, she was proud of that. 

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