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Monday, 28 September 2015

Erotic Nature: Short Stories by Joy

The First Time 
 Even though these two have been friends for quite some time and have dabbled in the sexual world with each other, they have never gone all the way. The two friends finally get to excite one another on their first sexual escapade. Waiting for that perfect moment to finally be able to touch each other in the ways they have been wanting to for so long now are over. She is no longer holding back what she was wanted to give for so long now. Share in on these two hot, juicy moments that they have been waiting to fully share between the two right here in The First Time. 

 Stories of Naughty Maybe 
 A book with erotic tales to keep you warm by the fire for the holidays. Read on as these women experience a great time on freaky rides in the stories in Naughty Maybe. There are times when you have to be good and times to be just plain naughty. What time is it for you? 

 Freak Fest 
Two friends go to a club to help ease one's stress of her cheating boyfriend. Only to find out the club is actually an after hours orgy party where the people run wild and free doing any and everything that they please. From the bar to the dance floor people are openly reaching their sexual peaks with the patrons of the club. Continue reading to explore t

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