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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Momager's Daughters: by Mallory Brett (The Momager's Daughters Book 1) by Mallory Brett

Lights, Camera, Action! Reality TV family The Gonzalez girls have fame, fortune and a very greedy mother pulling all the strings! Experience this highly erotic tell all novel, that sizzles with satire and sex appeal. Money, power, and back door deals abound in this page turning adult read that explores the reality behind reality television. Find out how low it goes for the hottest TV family to stay on top. 

Gia the Momager is a loving caring mother who always drinks what advertisers pay her to, and life is just a dandy party for the Gonzales girls Gabby, Gwen, and Greer as far as the public knows. However the real reality of the show is that the public is paying to see a car crash and Gia is the the devious traffic cop. Find out why the public can't stop staring as love, emotions, and lives are entangled and sometime shattered. In Gia's world even if you you get thrown under the bus you better get back up and not ruin your make up, after all the public is watching. 
Will Gia's marriage survive another year with Ken who often feels trapped when he can't tell if love is real or reality TV. Will Gabby and Gwen make it through another year of celebrity relationships when one can't tell if your loved or just another trophy to be won. 

Will Greer's boyfriend Kyle man up and pop the question and take some responsibility for his own children or is he going to see how long he can keep the party going on the tab of the Gonzalez family. 

Which Gonzalez girl has what it takes to make the most bank and keep their money hungry mother on good terms. Is it possible to have real friends when you make them sign non disclosure agreements. Is the help really the help or another Paparazzi out to sell another sleazy tabloid. The fickle public loves to hate Gabby, Gwen, and Greer who seem to lounge around and get paid millions. The truth is these girls shake their money makers with clothing lines, public appearances, and advertising, but number one in this town is sex sells and fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you are to get on top sometimes some has to go on the bottom.

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