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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Book Spotlight: Jude's Salvation by Nikki Summers #99c

I didn’t know I needed saving until I met him. Just how much would eventually reveal itself. 

For three years, he’s stalked me. 
Lingered so close, but not close enough for me to see him. Not close enough for me to hear him. 
I don’t know if he had a moment’s lapse or if he planned it that night, but the second I heard his sinfully delicious voice I was trapped. 
I was his, again. 

I have vowed since I was eighteen to keep her safe. To keep her from the sick hands of a man that plans to take her from me forever. Lex will tell her she was always destined to be his, but he wasn’t counting on me. 


At first glance, everything in Eden Daniel’s life looks perfect. She lives in a beautiful home in Los Angeles with her loving parents and supportive sister Bethany. She is going to Harvard Law and is about to embark on a vacation to Europe with her three best friends. 

But in Eden's world nothing is what it appears to be. 

Jude Everett watches her, protects her from the fate she can't escape forever. When her master calls her home everything will fall away leaving the scars and sins of her past life to pierce through her illusion. 
She is his only salvation but when she discovers he's one of them will she still want his protection? 

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I don't really know much about him, this smart yet unbelievably sexy guy that makes me shake. I just have to forget about the distance between us and the brief amount of time we have left. I need to be here, in this moment now, taking all I can from him. If he can admit to being selfish then so can I.
He takes my hands locking our fingers together and edging me closer to his body. We are almost chest to chest, although he is about four inches taller than me and I’m in heels. I can feel his warmth already. I am putty in his hands. He kisses me, slowly savoring my lips. I whimper very quietly but he hears, a slight grin forming before his teeth graze my bottom lip. His kiss goes deeper when I gasp. He did that on purpose opening my mouth more for him, I would have willingly. His exploration of me is slow and agonizingly seductive. I can feel every part of me coming alive in his embrace. My hands run up his shoulders and around his neck, drawing him closer to me. Touching him is even better than I had fantasized about all day yesterday. He knows what he is doing to me. I can feel his hands run down my ribs and wrap around my waist, brushing me up against his hard body. I moan quietly, more inward when he pulls away from my lips, his hands sliding to my hips. Both of us breathing in shallow breaths, feeling overwhelmed I glance back up to him wondering why he stopped. He takes my hands in his again and rests his forehead against mine.
"I need to slow down or stop because I swear I won't be able to behave if I taste you any longer," he tells me in a husky, deeper voice. His words sent shivers across my skin. His voice turns my insides into a swirling frenzy as I realize he's letting me control how far we go. I have already decided that I will have him tonight. My gaze runs up from our joined hands, to his broad chest, till I'm looking up at his perfect lips, I'm sure he can see the longing in my eyes.
“Jude, I don’t want you to behave. I want you, all of you for as long as I can have you,” I tell him, more brazen than I’ve ever been in my life.

Book Spotlight: Disciplined by the Badass Alpha Bikers

Fulfill your darkest fantasies with this unbelievable 5-Story ROMANCE BUNDLE! In this Collection, you’ll find over 60,000 words of HOT PASSION guaranteed to leave you wanting MORE! 

This Motorcycle Club Bad Boy Romance Bundle includes: 

The Bad Boy Outlaw's Demands 

Stretched By The Bad Boy Outlaw 

Stuffed By The Outlaw 

Stepbrother’s Gift 

Owned By The Bad Boy Outlaw 

Book Spotlight: Long Distance Love by Annemarie Brear

Can one delicious summer affair be enough to keep them together? Fleur Stanthorpe, an Australian, arrives in Whitby, England to live out a dream after surviving cancer. She's to open a bookshop cafe? and experience the English way of life for the summer before returning home and settling down. Only she hasn't counted on meeting gorgeous Irishman, Patrick Donnelly. Their attraction is instant, their goals a world apart. He is looking for a solid relationship for the first time since his divorce five years ago. She is having her last fling at freedom before returning home to family and responsibilities. Their problems are more than surviving a hot summer of romance, but wondering what will happen when the summer draws to an end and Fleur returns to the other side of the world.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Serenity's Song by Lynn Landes

Serenity is a singer whose dreams are about to come true, but a chance encounter with a little boy forever changes her destiny. When Serenity is injured protecting him, His father, Michael does the one thing he knows he shouldn't do, he brings her home. 
The Saints of the world are being hunted, betrayed by the Guardians who were sworn to protect them. Once every five hundred years a new Saint is chosen and gifted with tremendous power. After five hundred years of waiting Ayva intends for that power to be hers! No one will stop her this time. Not Michael, the son of the Saint, and certainly not some human girl. 
Serenity awakens to a world of magic, desire and danger. Legend tells of a time when the guardians will fall. A Queen will be chosen, gifted with power potent enough to protect both worlds. Her role is to ensure the safety of Michael's family until a new Saint is chosen. 

Is Serenity strong enough to return peace to Christmas? 

Book Spotlight: The Argon Factor by Heather Harlow

In a futuristic world, where Earth’s cities are still recovering from being ravaged by gang wars, cyber crime is at it’s peak and threatens the world’s digitized monetary supply. 

Susan Caldwell is a newly hired security development manager at GTS, the company that controls the world’s monetary supply and data. The sophisticated systems have been hacked and now people on Susan’s team are being killed while they try to fix the breach. 

Susan, who trusts no man, must rely upon the GTS CEO, Christoph Baldric, to keep her safe. Little does she know that he’s the Argon alien commander on Earth. She’s not interested in him, doesn’t want a hookup with him, but is extremely attracted to him. Susan has her own plans and will be having a baby through the fertility clinic. She’s excited about her pending future, that is, if she is still alive. 

Christoph Baldric’s mission is to protect the Earth’s humans and nurture them so that eventually his people can merge with the humans. Christoph’s planet, Argon, was blown up when their major sun exploded into a black hole. The people of Argon have been studying and nurturing Earth for many millennia as a new, potential home. Now is the time to make Earth their home and begin merging with Earth’s humans, making both races stronger. 

But first, the Argonians must save Earth from the Grogan’s, the Argon nemesis from their home universe, Baldracon, who want to eliminate all life on Earth and take the planet for their own.


Why wouldn’t she want to touch his muscular chest?
He leaned her back on the couch and deftly unbuttoned her blouse, pushing it to the side and running his hands over her breasts.  He lightly tickled her right nipple, causing it to become fully erect.
She moaned into his mouth and wished he would pinch her nipple and give her some release.  But he continued to torment her as he moved to her left nipple and did the same thing.  She pushed her chest up at him and into his hand.  He knew what she wanted, but again he teased her by putting his mouth over her nipple and sucking lightly, with her bra still separating her from pure pleasure.  She moaned again, because she wanted more.  She wanted to touch him too. Read More :

Book Spotlight: #99c/99p Mighty Like a Rose (The Thornethorpe Saga Book 1) by Kitty Campanile

“Get out. Get far away if you have to. Don’t leave him for me, leave him for yourself. Even if I never saw you again, if we couldn’t ever be friends, I’ll be happier with that than seeing you every day with you being with him, I’m not saying I would make you happy, Mary, but at least I’d try.” 

Mary Ryder is a housewife, her once fiery nature ground down by a life of cleaning and cooking for her drunken husband Nigel. A chance meeting with idealistic mineworker Lewis Evans makes her realise what love can be. But Mary made a commitment to Nigel: for better, for worse. When the National Union of Mineworkers calls a strike, Mary doesn’t realise it will change her, and the town, forever. 

A tale of love, friendship and solidarity, set against the backdrop of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike, Mighty Like a Rose follows Mary on her journey from neat detached house to the front line of the UK’s longest-running industrial dispute.


As she checked her appearance, she heard the whistle of the pit filling the valley, signalling the end of the early shift. Mary smiled. Soon the road would be full of miners on their way home. One of them would be able to help, or get help at least. She tidied up her mascara with a pocket handkerchief and waited.
She was surprised at how quickly she saw someone.
Freewheeling down the hill towards her on a pushbike, eyes lined with coal dust, was a man. It was hard to judge age, although the men washed as they left the pit, coal dust remained around the eyes and settled in lines in the skin, making everyone look old.
Mary wound down the window and stuck her head out.
“Excuse me, could you help me?”
The bike screeched to a halt. The miner looked through the window of Mary’s car.
“My car has… just stopped. Do you know where there is a phonebox so I could call my husband for help?” She tilted her head and looked at the miner through her eyelashes, the way Princess Di looked at TV cameras. It was a look that usually worked on men, Mary had found.
The miner looked at her. Close up she could see that he was younger than she had first thought, maybe in his early twenties like Mary. His hair was black and his eyes a dark brown. A five o’clock shadow made his cheekbones look even sharper than they were. The rain washed coal dust down his face like running mascara but it stuck around his eyes, as if he was wearing kohl not coal. His skin was pale in comparison. He could almost be one of the Goth kids that hung around the record shop in Wakefield.
“Perhaps I can have a look? I might be able to work out what’s wrong.”
Mary looked at him and the pushbike. 
“I do know a bit about cars, my dad’s got one of these. His is only a Mark II though.”
Mary smiled and hoped she hadn’t seemed ungrateful. “Thank you. That’s really kind.”
She handed the keys to him. His hands, like his face, were scrubbed clean and pink but were black around his cuticles and under his nails. He wasn’t tall, which was probably an advantage down a mine, but was broad and even through his denim jacket she could see his biceps were well-built.
Mary got out of the car and the miner turned the key in the ignition a few times. Each time the engine coughed before falling silent. The miner stifled a laugh.
“What’s funny?”
“You have to put petrol in, you know.”
Mary blushed. She had meant to ask Nigel for some money for petrol, but she hadn’t found the right time. But she was sure the tank wasn't empty when she set off.
The nearest petrol station was on her way home. Up the hill. Tears filled her eyes again. She looked away and tried to dab the tears with her hankie without the man seeing.
“Don’t be upset. How long have you been driving?”
“Two weeks. I’m sorry, I’m such an idiot.”
“Everyone makes mistakes. Having a car takes a bit of getting used to.” 
“I'm sure it wasn't near empty when I set off. The man in the garage when I bought it said I'd get a few more miles even if it was showing empty.”
“You will, normally.” He furrowed his brow. “Were you parked on a slope?”
“I was partly on the pavement. It's a narrow street”
The miner smiled at her. 
“There you go then, you're not an idiot. The fuel gauge measures how high the fuel is. If you park on a slope it sometimes thinks there's more than there is.”
Mary smiled back. “I still feel a bit daft though. That sounds like the kind of thing everyone should know, or the streets would be full of cars that had run out of fuel.”
The miner winked at Mary. “How do you think I found out? We all make mistakes.”
The road was getting busier now, more men on bikes sped past. The miner acknowledged some of them with a nod.
Behind the group of bikes, a powder blue Hillman Imp rumbled down the hill. The miner waved the car down. The Imp pulled over and another coal stained face stuck its head out of the driver’s side.
“Now then, Lewis, what are you doing with this lovely young lady?” The man in the car spoke with a broad Yorkshire accent, like most people round here. Like Mary used to.
“Glad you asked, John. She’s out of petrol. Do me a favour and lend me a bit?” Hearing Lewis speak to the other man she realised there was something else to his accent, a lilt of some kind.
“‘Ow much?”
Lewis turned to Mary. “Where do you live?”
“On the new estate.”
Both Lewis and John raised their eyebrows. John gestured to the boot of his car. Lewis walked over to the boot and got out a red metal can. He waggled the can and having ascertained there was nothing in it he also removed a length of hosepipe.
He opened the cap of the petrol tank on the Hillman Imp and put the hosepipe into the hole. He knelt down close to the floor and sucked on the dangling end of hosepipe. Mary watched as with one swift movement he pulled the pipe from his mouth, capped the end with his thumb and spat out a mouthful of petrol, grimacing. He then inserted the free end of the hosepipe into the petrol can and waited. Once enough petrol had siphoned into the can he removed the hosepipe from the can, held the free end of the pipe in the air to let the excess flow back into the Imp and closed the fuel cap.
He then opened the fuel cap of Mary’s Escort and poured the petrol in.
“Thank you so much.” said Mary to John, reaching into her soft, dove grey leather bag. “What do I owe you?”
“Don’t worry about it, love, Lewis’ll buy me a pint, won’t you Lewis?”
Lewis replaced the can and the hose in the boot of the Imp. “Of course John, I owe you one.”
The Hillman Imp drove off.
“Can I give you something, for your trouble?”
Lewis shook his head. “I’m happy to help. Make sure you fill up on the way home though! Hope your husband’s got you something nice.” She looked quizzically at him. “It’s Valentine’s day!”
And with that he got back on his bike and made his way up the hill behind her, legs powering him up the steep hill like the pistons of a steam train.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Book Spotlight: Explicitly Wyatt (Weston Brothers Book 2) by H.K. Szczesiak #99c

Desire. Craving. Lust. Never love. 
You met Wyatt Weston in Enticing Sky, now meet Wyatt before his life was forever changed by Skyrah.
Wyatt Weston, CEO and Business guru and a forever playboy and commitment-phobe, Wyatt never wants to settle down. Wyatt simply has no time for relationships, other than the ones he has with his family. Women are just too needy, controlling and downright nagging in his mind. However, his lust for them is insatiable. 
Wyatt has a close relationship with his brother, Wriston Weston. Wriston has many trials and tribulations while getting his bar Bottoms Up ready for the grand opening. See how Wyatt handles the disarray that is brought into this life due to Wriston. 
Explore the Weston brothers and who they were prior to meeting them both in Enticing Sky. 

Book Spotlight: Billionaire's Baby Deception by Mia Caldwell #99c

Rhys Courtland’s four-year-old daughter wants a sibling, but he’s a grieving widower and not ready to move on. His daughter’s innocent suggestion that he should have a baby with the nanny sparks an idea, and he sets out to seduce Ava, planning to get her pregnant before gradually cooling down the relationship. It’s only after he sets his scheme in motion that he realizes the flaw in his plan. He didn’t anticipate developing feelings for her, and now he has to decide if he wants to stay his dead wife’s faithful husband, or let go of his grief and seize an unexpected second chance at happiness. 

Book Spotlight: Force Me: The Intruders by Virginia Bliss

I wake up and they're in my bedroom. Two hot, horny studs with only one thing on their minds. They want me, I can see the animal lust in their eyes, and I can sense the darkness in their hearts. Are they going to hurt me? I think maybe they will. I'm theirs for the taking, and there's nothing I can do about it. Look like I'm in for a wild, rough ride. 

This is a standalone slice of dirty with no cliffhangers. 


     And there she was. Laying on her bed in a almost see-through nightie was Rebecca. Her blond hair was laying  perfectly on her pillow, and her breathing was gentle. Her pale skin shone against the light of the room. She must've fallen asleep with it on. 
      I held my breath as I walked up to her. Her little breaths and the delicate movements of her chest as it rose and fell... it drove me mad with desire. Carefully, slowly, I reached my hand out to touch her hair. It was silky soft and light,like a ray of sunshine made tangible. My heart was now beating faster than it ever had before. I moved my hand down, close to her face. It hung in the air for a moment before hesitantly touching her cheek. It may seem impossible, but her skin was somehow even softer than her hair. I caressed her cheek with surprising care. I had dreamt of doing this for so long. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Deliver Her from Evil by M.L. Steinbrunn

He was supposed to be her prince charming. Marriage was supposed to be her happily ever after. 

It was all a lie. 

After discovering the betrayal of her fairytale, Carly Carrington must find the resolve to piece her splintered life back together. With the help of her closest friend and the affection from an unexpectedly charismatic man, she finds herself on a path not-so-easily taken. 

Love is a four letter word to Campbell Williams. Growing up as an orphaned foster child, Campbell avoided situations that could hand her even more loss. Coming to the rescue of her friend, Carly, she quickly finds herself in need of being saved herself, but will she allow herself to accept the lifeline from the one man brave enough to take her on? 

Both battle the challenges thrown at them to protect their battered hearts, but when the fear finally fades, will love deliver them from evil? 

Deliver Her from Evil is an adult contemporary novel and is not intended for younger readers due to mature content. 

Featured FREE Book: Naughty Neha: Delhi College Tales by Neha S


Are You Ready for India's Wildest Erotica book of 2015?

It's the 100% True & Real Story of My College Days! 

Hi, I'm Neha and I'm here to introduce you to the Never-Seen-Before life of Delhi college girl (Me!) to the last juicy detail! I'm here to bare it all - the good, the bad and the horny! 

Like they say, "Truth is often stranger than fiction", you won't believe how crazy and immensely erotic these real incidents are! 

Book Spotlight: The Professor's Baby Collection by Alessa McLee

It was the second semester of Lauren’s first year at college, and she just couldn’t lose her virginity. She was a pretty girl, but had always been the shy one growing up. Now she didn’t know how to come out of her shell. All the boys just seemed to look for an easy lay, but she didn’t just want waste her first experience in the back of a car. She wanted something more, a deeper connection with someone. She wanted a man, not a boy. 

And then she met her anthropology professor, Michael Reid, a stylish, distinguished older man, who seemed to want the same things. Could Michael want to be with a sheltered, shy student? And could Lauren captivate a worldly older man? 

Their first night together was wild, passionate bliss that had overtaken them both. Michael had doubts about the risk, but Lauren was ready and willing. They both knew they wanted to keep seeing each other. But how long could they keep their relationship a secret? And how long could they go on, risking everything? Lauren didn’t yet know it, but their romance was about to come to a head. Could they survive the challenges that were coming together? And where would they go from there? In their few passionate nights together, Lauren didn’t understand the threat to Michael’s position in the university, or the risk his love could be to her unprotected, fertile body. 

Featured FREE Book: Tempting Proposals: The Man in Charge by Aidan River


Alice is a new intern for a rich and powerful company. She just felt lucky that she was able to get the job. Even if it was at the expense of her loneliness. 

However, the first week on the job she had made a few friends and an accidental enemy. She thought that this would be way easier than it ended up being. At least she was building up a great group of friends that wanted to support her. 

To Alice's disbelief, she was now assisting the assistant of the head of the company. An ill-tempered man by the name of Ares Grant. He expected the world from his employees, and that wasn't going to change anytime soon. 

She was crushing on him hard, but she isn't sure she can match his passionate and powerful energy. She just has to fake it until she makes it... Right? 

Will this relationship sizzle or fizzle? Only time will tell. 

Book Spotlight: John: A Black Series Episode by Casey Carter

His appetite is insatiable and his energy is boundless. John took 
command of Beverly’s body and pushed her to the brink when they met in 
“Murder.” In “Tie Me Up,” he gave Beverly a taste of what he’s capable of 
when left to his imagination. Delve into his sadistic mind in “John” and 
discover where it all began. Once you get to know John, you’ll learn 


Sitting back in my chair, I watched her standing in the middle of the room, in black stilettos and nothing else. Her body was so sexy. Those thighs were thick and strong from doing squats. Tits firm and round with nipples begging to be sucked and I was ready to oblige them. I took my time caressing her body with my hands and lips. Her skin glistened from the Sex Butter I massaged her with. And with each kiss and lick of her skin, the minty flavor left by the lube made more delicious. 
       “Dance for me baby.”
       The goddess swayed her hips from side to side. She pressed her back against an imaginary pole and slid down into a squat. She bounced on her heels and caressed her face as she slid back up the invisible pole. She spun around bent over, poked out her ass and looked back at me over her shoulder.
       Mmmm. She looked so good moving her body for me. It’s a shame she has no idea what I’m about to do to her, I said to myself as I enjoyed the sway of her hips from the little dance she was doing. I watched a little longer before blindfolding her as I kissed her neck and back. Guiding her to a set of open double doors, I fastened her wrists to straps that were hanging from the top of the doorframe. Her arms were now spread wide and her wrists strapped tight. She was already twitching in anticipation of the unknown as I ran a feather over her erect nipples. I licked her body from head to toe. Occasionally, I spanked her ass and her cheeks got nice and red with my handprint. That made my dick so hard.
       Whack! Whack! Whack! That sweet ass went from tomato red to beet red.  What a beautiful sight. Then I placed nipple clamps on her hard nipples. I give them a tug to make sure they were tight. 
       From her response, it sounded like I got the tension right.
       Her body was shaking as I decided what to do next. Hmmm. I took a step behind her and kicked her legs open, forcing her to spread them wider. While I rubbed hot Sex Butter on her clit, she pushed her ass back towards me and I stepped to the side. Swack!  “Not yet.” She got the message and straightened herself. “You move when I say you move!” Back to work with the butter, rubbing her clit from behind, feeling the juices as they ran down her legs. I twisted a screw tightening the nipple clamps and then rubbed a small vibrator up and down her dripping pussy, watching as her legs quivered before she exploded. 
       “Just because you’re cumming, don’t think I’m going to stop working this shit.”  I held it on her longer and she came nonstop. She twitched and flinched and jerked her body like she was having a seizure. 

          “Good job. I’ve got a treat for you.”

Featured FREE Book: Dear Alex by Ruby Parks


Pete Wilson is a grubby, handsome and daring shopkeeper from Ireland. His life is going nowhere until he meets Wenna Olsson, a scruffy, weak woman with a passion for life. 

Pete takes an instant disliking to Wenna and the tight-fisted and callous ways she learnt during her years in Ohio. 

However, when a dragon tries to terrify Pete, Wenna springs to the rescue. Pete begins to notices that Wenna is actually rather stable at heart. 

But, the pressures of Wenna's job as a gardener leave her blind to Pete's affections and Pete takes up knitting to try an distract herself. 

Finally, when arrogant lawyer, Sophia Cockle, threatens to come between them, Wenna has to act fast. But will they ever find the passionate love that they deserve? 

Well, that's how this should have gone... 

Book Spotlight: Full of Fire by Jennifer Millikn

Innocent, introverted Lila Mitchell's life is thrown into disarray when she meets playboy nightclub owner Xavier Townsend. Up until that fateful night, Lila was content experiencing emotion through her camera. Xavier's handsome face and captivating personality changes all that. Lila wants Xavier, bad boy reputation be damned. If only Xavier's past mistakes weren't also in the present. When faced with the consequences of Xavier's past, will Lila's fiery personality and fierce determination be enough to see them through?

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Angel's Awakening by Akaria Gale

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After a disgraceful two thousand year demotion, Charouth is a heartbeat away from regaining her status as one of Heaven's Elite angels. Her final mission: to retrieve five rare artifacts and prevent Satan's escape from Hell. A formidable task that becomes nearly impossible when Azazel, Satan’s top relic hunter and her ex-lover, joins the quest. 

Bloody confrontations with the worst the Netherworld has to offer, land her further away from redemption than ever, forced to choose between duty or desire. Two thousand years ago, their passion defied Heaven and Hell. Will love blossom again, or will ancient allegiances tear them apart forever?