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Friday, 23 October 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c One Furry Christmas by T.S. Baed

Reindeer shifter Cooper Landry liked his life as sheriff of the small town of Troubled Peaks, Alaska. He was well respected and his family line was impeccable—his Uncle Rudolph even now a shining star (no pun intended) in Santa’s family. He intended to keep it that way by mating another reindeer. When forced to take a prisoner into his home near the holidays, he could never have imagined falling for the beautiful coyote shifter. 

Sadie Thompson had gypsy in her soul and enjoyed moving around with her best friend, Petunia, a sweet bunny shifter and fellow teacher. When the two landed in Troubled Peaks, they both felt accepted among the town full of various species who had somehow managed to form a peculiar pack-ish unit. Until Petunia was unfairly kept from participating in the town’s annual Christmas pageant because of her size. Sadie, a big girl herself, fought the injustice the only way she could—by vandalizing some of the city property. 

She never thought it would land her in so much trouble—or in the arms of her true mate.

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