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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Book Spotlight: Ariel by Love Wild

Ariel’s best friend and secret love, Gabriel, disappeared months ago. With no clues and no leads, the police have changed their attention from a finding mission to a murder investigation. It’s a heart breaking revelation for Ariel and a truth her soul does not want to face. Fleeing from her small apartment to the comfort of a local park late one night, Ariel finds her sorrow spilling out into the darkness in large, wracking sobs that echo and shake through the park. She is so caught in her grief that she never sees the man that grabs her until it is too late. Gabriel. 
Standing before her is the source of her sorrow – and now her joy. She soon learns the truth of her best friend and what has befallen him these last few months. He is still Gabriel…. But he is changed, different in a way her mind can barely comprehend. Can she keep his secrets? Can she ever accept the truth of him? And if she does…. Then what?

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