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Friday, 16 October 2015

Book Spotlight: Billionaire Chauffeur Drive Desire by Sandy Anton #99c

After the death of her elderly husband, ex-supermodel Teresa Corey exists in a simple, but focused, world. Having sold the family wine business along with her Beverly Hills mansion and everything in it, she moves to San Bernardino, a town outside of Los Angeles, and channels all of her energy into her burgeoning fashion line. Never good in social settings! Life for Teresa is secluded. Although sometimes unbearably lonely, and even though she surrounds herself with work associates, Teresa has no true close friends. So what does she do? 

Teresa's loneliness comes to its peak when Andre Manicotti is around. The ruggedly handsome chauffeur has been driving Teresa for years, and she would have to be blind not to notice just how dead-drop gorgeous he is. Always the professional, though, Andre keeps his distance... 

…Except for after he sees Teresa crying in the back of his limo. The sight breaks his heart, and Andre wants to do anything in his power to make her feel better. That 'anything' includes a backseat romp, which leads to a weekend away at a lakeside resort, which leads to heightened emotions, which leads to mixed signals, which leads to pain. 

Does Andre really want her in the same way that she wants him? Or is Teresa futilely hoping for a knight in shining armor to come bursting into her castle to save her from her own loneliness? 

The signs aren't easy to read, and Teresa's not easy at expressing herself. As the weekend progresses, though, and things heat up, emotions escalate, and Teresa and Andre find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of sweaty passion that neither one of them can disentangle from. 
Sex is complicated. Love is complicated. Screwing around with your chauffeur? Even more, complicated. 

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