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Monday, 26 October 2015

Book Spotlight: John: A Black Series Episode by Casey Carter

His appetite is insatiable and his energy is boundless. John took 
command of Beverly’s body and pushed her to the brink when they met in 
“Murder.” In “Tie Me Up,” he gave Beverly a taste of what he’s capable of 
when left to his imagination. Delve into his sadistic mind in “John” and 
discover where it all began. Once you get to know John, you’ll learn 


Sitting back in my chair, I watched her standing in the middle of the room, in black stilettos and nothing else. Her body was so sexy. Those thighs were thick and strong from doing squats. Tits firm and round with nipples begging to be sucked and I was ready to oblige them. I took my time caressing her body with my hands and lips. Her skin glistened from the Sex Butter I massaged her with. And with each kiss and lick of her skin, the minty flavor left by the lube made more delicious. 
       “Dance for me baby.”
       The goddess swayed her hips from side to side. She pressed her back against an imaginary pole and slid down into a squat. She bounced on her heels and caressed her face as she slid back up the invisible pole. She spun around bent over, poked out her ass and looked back at me over her shoulder.
       Mmmm. She looked so good moving her body for me. It’s a shame she has no idea what I’m about to do to her, I said to myself as I enjoyed the sway of her hips from the little dance she was doing. I watched a little longer before blindfolding her as I kissed her neck and back. Guiding her to a set of open double doors, I fastened her wrists to straps that were hanging from the top of the doorframe. Her arms were now spread wide and her wrists strapped tight. She was already twitching in anticipation of the unknown as I ran a feather over her erect nipples. I licked her body from head to toe. Occasionally, I spanked her ass and her cheeks got nice and red with my handprint. That made my dick so hard.
       Whack! Whack! Whack! That sweet ass went from tomato red to beet red.  What a beautiful sight. Then I placed nipple clamps on her hard nipples. I give them a tug to make sure they were tight. 
       From her response, it sounded like I got the tension right.
       Her body was shaking as I decided what to do next. Hmmm. I took a step behind her and kicked her legs open, forcing her to spread them wider. While I rubbed hot Sex Butter on her clit, she pushed her ass back towards me and I stepped to the side. Swack!  “Not yet.” She got the message and straightened herself. “You move when I say you move!” Back to work with the butter, rubbing her clit from behind, feeling the juices as they ran down her legs. I twisted a screw tightening the nipple clamps and then rubbed a small vibrator up and down her dripping pussy, watching as her legs quivered before she exploded. 
       “Just because you’re cumming, don’t think I’m going to stop working this shit.”  I held it on her longer and she came nonstop. She twitched and flinched and jerked her body like she was having a seizure. 

          “Good job. I’ve got a treat for you.”

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