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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Book Spotlight: Jude's Salvation by Nikki Summers #99c

I didn’t know I needed saving until I met him. Just how much would eventually reveal itself. 

For three years, he’s stalked me. 
Lingered so close, but not close enough for me to see him. Not close enough for me to hear him. 
I don’t know if he had a moment’s lapse or if he planned it that night, but the second I heard his sinfully delicious voice I was trapped. 
I was his, again. 

I have vowed since I was eighteen to keep her safe. To keep her from the sick hands of a man that plans to take her from me forever. Lex will tell her she was always destined to be his, but he wasn’t counting on me. 


At first glance, everything in Eden Daniel’s life looks perfect. She lives in a beautiful home in Los Angeles with her loving parents and supportive sister Bethany. She is going to Harvard Law and is about to embark on a vacation to Europe with her three best friends. 

But in Eden's world nothing is what it appears to be. 

Jude Everett watches her, protects her from the fate she can't escape forever. When her master calls her home everything will fall away leaving the scars and sins of her past life to pierce through her illusion. 
She is his only salvation but when she discovers he's one of them will she still want his protection? 

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I don't really know much about him, this smart yet unbelievably sexy guy that makes me shake. I just have to forget about the distance between us and the brief amount of time we have left. I need to be here, in this moment now, taking all I can from him. If he can admit to being selfish then so can I.
He takes my hands locking our fingers together and edging me closer to his body. We are almost chest to chest, although he is about four inches taller than me and I’m in heels. I can feel his warmth already. I am putty in his hands. He kisses me, slowly savoring my lips. I whimper very quietly but he hears, a slight grin forming before his teeth graze my bottom lip. His kiss goes deeper when I gasp. He did that on purpose opening my mouth more for him, I would have willingly. His exploration of me is slow and agonizingly seductive. I can feel every part of me coming alive in his embrace. My hands run up his shoulders and around his neck, drawing him closer to me. Touching him is even better than I had fantasized about all day yesterday. He knows what he is doing to me. I can feel his hands run down my ribs and wrap around my waist, brushing me up against his hard body. I moan quietly, more inward when he pulls away from my lips, his hands sliding to my hips. Both of us breathing in shallow breaths, feeling overwhelmed I glance back up to him wondering why he stopped. He takes my hands in his again and rests his forehead against mine.
"I need to slow down or stop because I swear I won't be able to behave if I taste you any longer," he tells me in a husky, deeper voice. His words sent shivers across my skin. His voice turns my insides into a swirling frenzy as I realize he's letting me control how far we go. I have already decided that I will have him tonight. My gaze runs up from our joined hands, to his broad chest, till I'm looking up at his perfect lips, I'm sure he can see the longing in my eyes.
“Jude, I don’t want you to behave. I want you, all of you for as long as I can have you,” I tell him, more brazen than I’ve ever been in my life.

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