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Monday, 26 October 2015

Book Spotlight: The Professor's Baby Collection by Alessa McLee

It was the second semester of Lauren’s first year at college, and she just couldn’t lose her virginity. She was a pretty girl, but had always been the shy one growing up. Now she didn’t know how to come out of her shell. All the boys just seemed to look for an easy lay, but she didn’t just want waste her first experience in the back of a car. She wanted something more, a deeper connection with someone. She wanted a man, not a boy. 

And then she met her anthropology professor, Michael Reid, a stylish, distinguished older man, who seemed to want the same things. Could Michael want to be with a sheltered, shy student? And could Lauren captivate a worldly older man? 

Their first night together was wild, passionate bliss that had overtaken them both. Michael had doubts about the risk, but Lauren was ready and willing. They both knew they wanted to keep seeing each other. But how long could they keep their relationship a secret? And how long could they go on, risking everything? Lauren didn’t yet know it, but their romance was about to come to a head. Could they survive the challenges that were coming together? And where would they go from there? In their few passionate nights together, Lauren didn’t understand the threat to Michael’s position in the university, or the risk his love could be to her unprotected, fertile body. 

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