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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Featured FREE Book: Detour Paris by Jack Dancer

Detour Paris is the first book of the three-part Detour Paris series (adult). 
After a "love-at-first-sight" encounter with the enchanting Monica Reyes while on an international getaway with his flight attendant girlfriend, Tucker Blue, a newly-minted, mid-life bachelor and serial-dater, faces a dilemma. Fortunately for the hapless Tucker, the sky gods take pity, and the overbooked plane flies off, taking Tucker’s dilemma with it. 
Tucker sees the opportunity before him as a gift and reasoning that only a non-believer or deviant would ignore such a gift, he appeals to Monica’s sense of adventure and, implicitly, her appetite for a rendez-vous romantique, by suggesting a detour - riding the rails through the countryside of France, first-class of course. 
Monica, who appears every bit as smitten as Tucker accepts and the two embark on a journey of planes, trains and automobiles that not only burns up the rails all the way through France to the Pyrenees but proves to be an adventure that neither of them would have imagined in their wildest dreams. 
It's a Detour that will change their lives.

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