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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Featured FREE Book: Fifty Shades for Couples: The Real-Life Guide to Living the Fantasy by Casey R. Alexander

There’s no denying the chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. From the moment she stumbles into his office until that fateful last scene, their desire captivated you, maybe even made you a little jealous. 

You couldn’t stop thinking about the book—or feeling its effects. For a few delicious days (or weeks) you lived in their fantasy world. But then the book ended. And your desire began to fade. 

But what if that intense desire you felt didn’t have to end when you closed the book? 
What if you and your spouse could be on the same page sexually—literally? 

Gentlemen, what if you could read her mind and turn her on whenever you wanted? 

Ladies, what if he worshipped you like Christian does Anastasia? 

An innovative combination of CliffsNotes and choose-your-own-adventure tales for adults, Fifty Shades for Couples invites you to relive the erotic magic from the best-selling novel, in your own relationship. 

With scene descriptions, character analysis, Acting-it-Out suggestions, and a comprehensive resource list, you’ll return to Fifty Shades for Couples again and again, long after you’ve finished reading James’s book.

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