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Friday, 16 October 2015

Featured #FREE Book: Heart of the Gladiator

His love is rough, but it cannot be tamed...or denied.

Aeliana hates gladiators. They’re crude, violent, arrogant, and will toss the skirts up of any available woman after a fight. It may be her job to treat their injuries, but she has no interest in being just another conquest. 
So, when the former gladiator champion Caius arrives in her life, she is stricken by how immediately she falls for him. He's a merciless killer in the arena, not at all her type. But he’s also damnably handsome, built like a god, and turns Aeliana on like nothing she’s felt before. 
Being with a gladiator is always a bad idea. Even if they’re known the Empire over for the intensity of their bedchamber passions, they have a lifespan about as long as a sword. Aeliana’s convinced that there’s no way that someone who could have any woman in Rome would want to stay with her for long. But his affection, while rough, seems completely genuine. Caius’s return to the arena is shrouded in mystery, but the more Aeliana discovers, the more she falls in love. When his lifetime of violence catches up with them both, Aeliana must decide whether she can afford to bare her heart to a man so effortlessly dangerous. As it becomes obvious that their love shouldn’t be, Caius and Aeliana fight the odds like warriors in the arena. 
Aeliana's strength will be tested again and again, along with their love. But it is her strength that will win the heart of a gladiator.

It was not quite intentional, but Caius ended up following the woman from the market. 
Caius had good control of his breath. More than a dozen years in the arena had taught him the value of keeping his head cool even in the most riotous of situations, when a man came after you with a weapon and the crowd roared for blood. His breath was not ever taken away. It was measured, cool, and ever-flowing. 
And yet when he had seen this woman from the market, he forgot entirely how to breathe. 
Every part of him wanted her. He could feel his manhood stirring just from the brief interaction they'd had, and he wanted more. Caius wanted to see what she looked like when he made her face contort with the sweetest of pleasures; he wanted to kiss her until she was as breathless as she made him. In the deepest portions of his brain, he could already feel his hands running down her sides, holding her 

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