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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Featured FREE Book: Unleash the Beast: A Sci-Fi Shifter Romance (Steamy Stories from Outer Space Book 1) by Mila Blackwood

Ava Brown, expert exobiologist, is ecstatic. Her dreams are about to become reality: a new planet has been discovered and she has been chosen, along with a team of other scientists, to go and study the life forms that may inhabit it. 

Or so she thought. 

Upon her arrival, she will go from one surprise to the other and find out she had been lied to from the beginning. They needed her help as part of a top secret mission. The subject of her assignment: a mysterious man called Richard. Or rather a beast, as the other members of the staff like to call him. She’s supposed to run tests on the caged “animal”, to study his peculiar powers. But there’s one little problem the nerds in charge hadn’t factored in. And that’s the powerful attraction women may develop for big muscular guys who can turn into grizzly bears at the snap of a finger! 

Ava will soon feel herself completely torn between her duty and her growing desire for her test subject. Richard is everything she’s looking for in a man… and much more. But for now he’s locked behind steel bars and the inhumane treatment they’re subjecting himself to is starting to have her reconsider her options. 

Among the lies, the secrets and her contradictory feelings, what will Ava do? Will she run with the program? Or will she look to escape with the dark stranger into this unknown and possibly dangerous place? Will Richard and Ava be able to beat the odds to be together when everything seems to be against them? 

Consider yourself warned: hot sexy scenes, alpha male with an attitude and strong language are all part of this thrilling, standalone bear shifter of a romance. Only for the most demanding of ladies. 

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