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Friday, 23 October 2015

Featured FREE Book:The Sheikh's Destiny by Kylie Knight


He needed a wife, anyone but her. 
I needed to get married to prove to my people I was a strong and steady Sheikh worthy of their loyalty. Father chosen Amal for her sophisticated beauty and diplomatic social skills, but damn, anyone would be better than her. Even her shy sister with the killer curves. 
It was too late to crave what I couldn’t have when she would be my sister soon. 
I’d loved Samir since I was a young girl and it would kill me to watch him marry my sister. But when she flees before the wedding with the man of her dreams, would I have the courage to step up and take what I wanted more than anything? If I did take it, was there any guarantee Samir would grow to love me? No, but I had to try or what’s the point of loving him? 
I would give him everything. My heart, my body, my soul. My love. All I want in return is…everything. 

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