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Monday, 30 November 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Southern Comfort by Ciana Stone

Two people from different worlds who know one another only from what they have shared with one another in Facebook messages. They've never heard the other's voice, or seen a photo. 

Analise Becke writes romance with western heroes, men she has dreamed up by combining the looks of her favorite western actor with the qualities she discovers in her online chats with the Texas rancher, Riley Morgan. She's cooked up more than a few fantasies about Riley over the last year, but knows them for what they are -- fantasies of a lonely woman whose marriage is falling apart. 

Riley looks forward to the online chats more than he is willing to admit but has never considered asking what she looks like. She's just an online friend. Yeah, they have a connection, but certainly not enough to even consider that a face-to-face meeting will spark anything other than a solidification of their friendship. 

Riley Morgan and Analise Becke are in for a big surprise - actually a series of surprises. Their lives are about to be turned upside down as passion and danger come to Cotton Creek, Texas. 

And they say nothing ever happens in Cotton Creek. 

Book Spotlight: #99c Billionaire and the Bratty Barista: Steamy Encounters Behind the Counter by Karly Dalton

She’s a blonde, buxom, and bored barista. But today is the day she might be able to have one exciting moment. Today’s the day she can make one of her fantasies come true. To be with one of the regular customers. “The CEO”, an older and powerful man. Together, the two of them are going to turn a dull cup of coffee, into a foaming hot encounter! 

Featured FREE Book: Debt Inheritance (Indebted Book 1) by Pepper Winters

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today Dark Romance Series 

"I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It's undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me until you've paid off your debts."

Nila Weaver's family is indebted. Being the first born daughter, her life is forfeit to the first born son of the Hawks to pay for sins of ancestors past. The dark ages might have come and gone, but debts never leave. She has no choice in the matter.

She is no longer free.

Jethro Hawk receives Nila as an inheritance present on his twenty-ninth birthday. Her life is his until she's paid off a debt that's centuries old. He can do what he likes with her--nothing is out of bounds--she has to obey.

There are no rules. Only payments.

Featured FREE Read: Dirty Secrets of Clean Sheets by DK Walker

Have you ever wonder what the sheets of cheap motel beds would say if they could talk? I’m sure they’d whisper about habitual cheaters and sex addicts that can't be cured; with their numerous one night stands, staining their sheets forever. I’m sure those same sheets would talk about how strange bedfellows misplace their love, only too happy to find lust. So get up-close and personal with a collection of short stories of everyday people longing for lustful things. Find out why when the doors are closed, and the blinds are drawn, is the only time some people consider themselves free enough to be who they truly are. So never judge a person without walking in their shoes unless yours is next to theirs underneath a bed of a seedy motel…

Featured Book: The Highland's Call: A Runes of Argyl Novella by Jessica Savage

The death of her Grandma Betty brings Andrea Taylor back from her hedonistic lifestyle in New York to the peace and quiet of the English countryside. On her deathbed, Betty has left one last strange request. Andrea must visit the spiritual island of Iona in the Scottish Western Isles to return a small stone artefact to its rightful place. What she thinks will be a simple pilgrimage, turns out to be a challenging journey into the past that will change her life forever. Will the dark forces prove too strong against her, or will love triumph? Who is the handsome and enigmatic Alex McDonald and what is the dark secret that binds them all together? Find out more in our dark historical romance where the past interweaves with the present in the first part of our compelling standalone series. This story is complete in and of itself with no cliff hangers. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: The Ultimate Taste of Candy Mega Bundle: Over 85 Fertile First Time Stories Kindle Edition by Candy Quinn


"I've never done this before, not with anyone..."


Everyone wants a taste of Candy, and now you can have her all. With more than eighty stories (and over 600k words) about first time love, innocent steps, misbehaving brats, and more tasty country girls than you can shake a stick at, this mega bundle has everything you need. 

This collection contains every last sizzling hot story of Candy's, from Her Fertile First Time, Taboo Passions, Taken by the Bar, Dirty Country Love, and everything in between. This mega bundle also includes several stories that aren't available anywhere else! 

If you love plenty of steam, lots of unprotected fun, and high levels of heat, this collection is a must have! If you're bold, share with your friends. After all, this is a limited time bundle. No one can eat Candy forever <3

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: Torn Between the Cage Fighters by Maxi MacNair

Kylie needed a new life. She never thought her new city and new gym would land her right in the middle of some of the hottest / fast moving / hard bodied MMA fighters around. 

BONUS Alpha Male Romance Ebook Included! 

Could Kylie have even dreamed she would find herself in bed with two of these fighters at the same time? 

And when nature takes its course, can she deal with one of life’s biggest changes? 

With two potential MMA Champions as the only possible fathers how can she choose between them? 

Maybe they will decide it in the cage before they have a chance to find out who the real father is. 

Two Fighters...One Father 

WARNING: Torn Between the Cage Fighters is a standalone fictional Romance story that contains strong language, violence, and sexual scenes. It is intended for an adult audience and features a strong female character, sexy BAD BOY MMA fighters, MMF scenes, and a HEA. 

Also included with this book is the story Bad Boy Baby Daddy. A standalone Romance by J.Y. Mitten featuring a Bad Boy character, sexual scenes, and an unexpected pregnancy. 

Book Spotlight: Brooklyn's Song by Sydney Arrison

"Brooklyn Pierce has just witnessed an attempted assassination, and Detective Song Kai and his partner, Detective Mattice Blake, are on the case. 

But as the story progresses, sparks begin to develop between Brooklyn and Song, providing the reader with a storyline overflowing with sensuality, compassion and romance amidst the onset of drama, tension, suspicion, deception and murder and an explosive ending, which you will never see coming." 

Featured FREE Book: Eve of Chaos by Livia Quinn


**NOTE:**The Destiny Paramortals series is southern urban fantasy/romance and should be read in order as it is the continuing saga of the recurring characters, beginning with Storm Crazy. In each Paramortals book, questions are answered and new ones arise. 

"OMG, I loved this book! Do yourself a favor and walk don’t run to the buy button.” Eve of Chaos 
5 Stars “I couldn't put it down..” “A delicious taste of Southern Supernatural Fantasy.” 
“Loved the story and the characters. It's really a great twist on old legends. Think Mayberry mixed up with djinns and storm witches. Really great read.” Storm Crazy 

“You vill meet a dahk dangerrous sttrrangah…”  Aurora predicted at the Mardi Gras ball, and as if someone left their Swords of War videogame on “share” in a parallel universe, he walked in. Conor de Sept Flambe´, the Dark Knight they’d dubbed him, with his dark gleaming muscles, the distinctive leathery tattoos across his shoulders, armored boots and magnificent flashing swords. “Where did he get those swords?” Montana asked, drooling. She’d been unable to force her eyes away from him all evening. Then he’d walked across the ballroom floor, parting the crowd like Moses through the Red Sea, and asked her to dance. Turns out, he’s quite the music lover. 

He said he wanted to show her some of his moves. Right! Her Dinnshencha warrior wasn’t born yesterday… There’s more to this Knight than meets the eye, and he’s already quite an eyeful. Recognizing her diminishing strength, he offered to prepare her for the Chaos, twenty-four hours when many Paramortals would lose their power. 

There was more than just swordplay between them, and more to his appearance in Destiny. With crazies coming out of the woodwork, Paramortals losing their abilities, and dispositions going AWOL, Sheriff Jack Lang wants to know who will be left standing beside him when the Para-moon begins. If Flambe´ is what Jack thinks he is, the good guys might have a chance. If not, they’ll be in deep… trouble. 
Where’s an F-18 when you need one? 

Book Spotlight: Naughty, Nice, and Paranormal: A Touch of Holiday Magic (15 sexy paranormal stories) #99c

Deck your e-readers this holiday season with 15 sexy stories from today's hottest paranormal romance authors. From the very naughtiest to the mmm-mmm nicest, we've got shifters--wolf, dragon, feline, and more!--elves, ghosts, even a Virginia Devil Monkey and a very sexy Santa. This box set of sparkling holiday tales from bestselling authors gives the best gift any lover of paranormal romance could want: a little sugar n' spice with a whole lot of naughty n' nice.

Once Upon a Fiery Christmas by Élianne Adams 
Under His Skin by Kallysten 
Wolf In Exile: Part 4.5 ~ Bound by Amber Ella Monroe 
Forgotten by Elle Thorne 
Christmas Wolf by J.K. Harper 
Festive & Seduced by Shelley Munro 
Unwrapping Mr. Roth by Holley Trent 
Season of the Wolf by Marie Mason 
Snowbound with Ghost by Ani Gonzalez 
Order of Alphas: Ascension by Eris Sage 
Bear The Heat by Catherine Vale 
Stranded With A Cajun Werewolf by Selena Blake 
Doe and the Hunter by Kristen Strassel 
Beary Christmas, Baby by Sasha Devlin
Saving Christmas by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Friday, 27 November 2015

Book Spotlight: Chasing Cassidy by D. Kelly

When Zachary Stafford first set eyes on Cassidy Pope she was being beaten by her father. After witnessing the traumatic event, he made it his mission to befriend her. As the years pass, their relationship evolves and Cassidy not only gives Zack her friendship but her love, as well. 
Cassidy spent her childhood being verbally and physically abused. The best part of her life is her friendship with the Stafford twins, Zack and Rylee. Although she tries to put on a brave front, the years of abuse have turned Cassidy into a woman filled with insecurities who doesn’t believe she deserves love. Especially not the kind of love Zack has given her for the last twelve years. 
On their wedding day, Cassidy’s insecurities get the best of her and she does the one thing she knows how to do well…she runs. Zack is devastated and when he discovers why Cassidy ran, his devastation becomes fury. Long ago, Zack made Cassidy a promise he fully intends to keep and sets off on a journey to bring her back into his arms where she belongs. 
Will Zack and Cassidy get their happily ever after, or will Cassidy’s inner demons keep her from getting the only thing she ever wanted in this world? To be loved. 

Sale Spotlight #99c from Mariana Gabrielle

Royal Regard (The Sailing Home Series Book 1)

When Bella Holsworthy returns to England after fifteen years roaming the globe with her husband, an elderly diplomat, she quickly finds herself in a place more perilous than any in her travels—the Court of King George IV. As the newly elevated Earl and Countess settle into an unfamiliar life in London, this shy, not-so-young lady faces wicked agendas, society's censure, and the realities of a woman soon to be alone in England. 

Unaccustomed to the ways of the beau monde, she is disarmed and deceived by a dissolute duke and a noble French émigré with a silver tongue. Hindered by the meddling of her dying husband, not to mention the King himself, Bella must decide whether to choose one of her fascinating new suitors or the quiet country life she has searched the world to find.

La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess

Kali Matai, London’s most famed Indian dancer and courtesan, harbors a lifetime of secrets, as more lives than hers depend on it. 

Sired by a British peer, born of a paramour to Indian royalty, she has been destined from birth to enthrall England’s most powerful noblemen—though she hadn’t counted on becoming their pawn. Finding herself under the control of ruthless men, who will not be moved by her legendary allure, she has no choice but to use her beauty toward their malicious and clandestine ends. 

When those she holds most dear are placed in peril by backroom political dealings, she enlists some of the most formidable lords in England to thwart her enemies. But even with the help of the prominent gentlemen she has captivated, securing Kali’s freedom, her family, and the man she loves, will require her protectors stop at nothing to fulfill her desires.

Book Spotlight: Freed by Him by G.L. Chapple

He hurt me 
He broke me 
He almost destroyed me 
Nobody was ever going to do that to me again. I learnt to fight back. I made myself tougher, harder, stronger. I didn't want or need anyone. 
Until Nate Masters. 
Until he made me feel, want and need 
Then my carefully constructed world began falling apart around me. Secrets shattering my faith in those closest to me and with the nightmare from my past pushing its way back into my present, I don't know how much strength I have left to fight with.... 
Could I trust him? Give someone the power to hurt me again? He's determined to break me free from behind my walls of self preservation 
I'm just not sure I'm ready or willing to be Freed by Him.... 

Book Spotlight: #99c Incantation by Linda Bolton

Christina’s life revolved around work. Not because she was so career driven, a good man was just hard to come by. 

Tristen’s life was his work. It was easier than a were one night stands. 

What happens when Christina has to do a story for her magazine on Tristen? Will sparks fly? Will she fall under his spell? Can two people who are so different, living in different states, find love and happiness? 

At five fifteen, Christina walked in to Barney’s, the blinds closed to keep out the glaring setting sun. She stopped just a few feet in to let her eyes adjust and see where her small crowd would be sitting. In a few seconds she heard her name and arms waving at the end of the bar.

“Christina! Here!”

Nancy had managed to get eight of their girlfriends together for a good-bye.

“So tell us about this new job! Nancy said there was a guy?” Glenda asked.

Karen made it but was fashionably late. She was redhead, petite and could get any man she wanted. At forty-four she’d been married twice and was working on a third. Out of all of her husbands, number three was the best catch: wealthy, good looking, doted on Karen and all her whims. Christina had known Karen from college, briefly being roommates for part of a semester. Karen spent the better part of her dating time stealing everyone else’s boyfriends. When Christina moved to Dallas, Karen saw her byline in D Magazine and contacted her. 

They had always gotten along well but since reconnecting in Dallas, Christina had noticed there was something off in their relationship. When Christina had invited Karen to meet up, Karen only came when she had news to share. If nothing special was going on with her, she would find an excuse not to meet. Christina had been surprised she showed up to happy hour since this evening was clearly about her and no one would be particularly interested in anything happening with Karen.

Christina enjoyed her cranberry vodka drink as she told her friends about her new job and Tristen. The gals were all gathered at a table and some were on their second drink by the time Karen arrived. Christina had been in the middle of her story about the night she saw blood for the first time on Tristen when Karen walked up.

“Hi everyone, sorry I’m late. Ted wanted to give me a present ‘just cuz’ before I left. See?!” She announced as she waved her right hand for everyone to see. A large pink diamond jutted out of a cocktail setting on her right ring finger.

As if it had been planned, the women all commented, ‘Oh’ at the same time and then Nancy quickly added, “Christina, finish the story!” All eyes were back on Christina.

The night continued on with Karen trying to cut in to each tale Christina told. By the end of the evening, a couple of the women finally gave in and let Karen tell them about her new jewelry and her wonderful husband, all the while feigning attention. She was finally glad to have someone’s attention and held them captive as long as she could.

Christina drank her last cranberry vodka for the night and listened to her friends congratulate her on her new beginnings. She felt like it was happening to someone else. Nothing like this had ever happened to her. It felt so surreal.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: A Sweet Surrender by Lena Hart

New York, 1777… 

Siaragowaeh of the Onyota’aka tribe has a love for all things living and when a fallen British soldier becomes severely wounded, Siara secretly nurtures the officer back to health, putting her own position in her tribe at risk. 

Sergeant James Blake of His Majesty’s elite assault troops vaguely remembers the ambush that left him at the mercy of a beautiful native woman…a woman he isn’t yet certain he can trust. When a narrow escape from Siara’s village forces them on the trail together, desire soon flares even brighter between them. 

Yet in a journey driven by duty and complicated by loyalty, Siara and James must determine if they will follow their predestined paths or surrender to their hearts and chart anew… 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: Nuru Massage (Vampire Quickies Book 8) by Ruby Heart

Kate is a high powered vampire pushing for control of the seaside city. Tensions are rising in the high stakes game for domination. 
But there is a distraction the she just can't pull herself away from... 
Her Spanish lover, Antonio calls with the secrets of Nuru Massage...