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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Burning Bright: A Spicy M/M Weretiger Heist Romance by Julia Leijon

Sometimes it takes an animal to show a man what really matters.

Lucas and Ryan are partners in crime: an ex-Marine who can hack any system and a seductive, amoral con man who can talk his way through any door. Together, they relieve underworld moguls and other shady operators of their ill-gotten gains. 

Their teamwork cemented through years of friendship, they can handle anything ... until the night Ryan is bitten by a tiger while out on a job. 

Now he’s changing, growing even more predatory and fearless. Pieces of his old identity fall away, one by one, until his nature has been honed to a fine edge. And this new, sharper Ryan wants one thing above all others: Lucas. 

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