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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c The Corset Maker by K.T. Frederick

Most girls love wearing elaborate costumes and sultry corsets, but twenty-one-year-old Amelia Jacobs prefers cinching waists and creating perfect hourglass figures for her models and actresses. Jobs for costume designers in New York City are few and far between, so Amelia waits tables to pay her bills. 

Everyone wants the elusive Julien Wolfe to direct their film, but he refuses to speak to anyone about his troubled past in Hollywood royalty. Wolfe’s next blockbuster is Amelia’s dream commission: a bodice-ripping time-travel film. But a lot of designers are vying for the job, and they’d be only too happy to see Amelia come apart at the seams. 

Three days before her pitch, a perilous mistake forces Amelia to take desperate (and indecent) measures to land the deal and avoid eviction. And that’s just one of her problems. 

Just when things can’t possibly get worse, Amelia does the worst thing of all and falls for the emotionally unreachable director. 

Leaked excerpt from The Corset Maker, Volume One:
“Are you all right, Miss?”

              I recognize that deep voice from the countless interviews I've PVR’ed. It cuts through the pain, making my head swim. It's like silk being dragged across my bruises. I brush the hair from my face and look up.

Julien Wolfe.

Holy mother of ...

The crowd starts clapping, and like a champ, I raise a shaky hand, acknowledging that I'm fine. There's nothing I can do. Everyone's seen me fall, and hiding my embarrassment will only make me look ridiculous. Security bustles behind me to resurrect the barricade I've just toppled. And now I'm standing on the red carpet like an insider, with my best friend, the man of my dreams, and a ripped dress.

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