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Monday, 23 November 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Midnight Seductions: A Quartet of New Year's Eve Romances from the Den of Sin Series

New Orleans’s elegant Beaudelaire isn’t just an acclaimed five-star hotel. Several times per year, The Beaudelaire transforms into an exclusive "den of sin," and its most important rule is that guests must leave their inhibitions at the door. At The Den, lonely hearts connect and secrets are kept. Some guests go home alone wearing satisfied smiles, but others find the start of their happily-ever-afters. 

In this collection of New Year's Eve romances from the first season of sin, you’ll see forbidden trysts, second chances at romance, and friends becoming lovers. Each story stands alone, but you'll enjoy your brief stay at at The Den more if you read the entire season. 

This collection contains: 

Forbidden Rendezvous by Mel Blue 

Seraphina orchestrates fantasies, but this year she’ll create one of her own. It’s against the rules for an employee to participate in the weekend-long sex-capade but she’s willing to risk it for Luke. His past and connection to her boss is clouded in intrigue, but she knows what he wants, and she plans to star in one of his voyeuristic fantasies. 
Wicked Surrender by Ambrielle Kirk 

Kris is tired of spending her nights playing with hard plastic and silicone. She enters the den in search of a man who will indulge her intimate desires only for one night. When she spots Travis Brenden, a bachelor known for both his lucrative business deals and womanizing ways, she uses his lack of memory of her as an advantage. 
Redeeming the Amazon by L. V. Lewis 

Karen hasn’t made love fully unclothed since her double mastectomy and demise of her marriage. Paul once left his heart in Baltimore with a former model, whose crumbling marriage was the only deterrent to his waning honor. A fantasy weekend at his uncle’s hotel may give him a second chance with his contemporary Amazon...if her fear of rejection doesn’t become a barrier to their reconnection. 
Ménage à Troys by Holley Trent 

At the Den of Sin anything goes, so instead of two newlyweds letting down their guards to finally consummate their marriage of convenience, three people desperate to be touched forge bonds. That’s all well and good for the weekend, but what will shake out of their tentative ménage à trois when it’s time to go home? 

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