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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Pimp: A Pimp: A Stepbrother Romance (Xciting Arrangements Escort Series 1) by Claire Donovan

My virginity is a valuable commodity and Mace has taken control of it. I'm willing to do whatever he wants. I only hope he realizes he wants me for himself, before my virtue is auctioned away to a wealthy stranger.

*** Mace ***

I own an exclusive escort service for high-end girls and high-rollers. I'm having my most profitable year ever. My life is fan-f**king-tastic.

Until the day my sweetly seductive stepsister, Alyssa, waltzes in for a job and strips off her clothes.

What the f**k is she doing here, saying her name is Carly Olson? 

Now I can't get her out of my mind. I want her or no one at all. 

*** Alyssa *** 

I'm a hardworking, studious good girl, a pre-med student at Princeton.

My stepbrother, Mace, is an ass. A cocky, skirt-chasing, testosterone driven MMA fighter.

I'm drowning in student debt and about to lose my scholarship, while he makes millions doing things he won't talk about.

I don't need any help from Mace, and I definitely don't want him back in my life.

So why am I being drawn into his dark world?

***HEA and no cheating *** 


Sweetly seductive Princeton pre-med student Alyssa, has always been a good girl... until the fall of her billionaire politician father's financial fortune forces her to step into the erotic world of high class escorts. Her money problems seem solved until she discovers her mysterious and scorching hot boss is also her provocative stepbrother Mace.

Bad boy Mace is an alpha male and a man of action. An amateur mixed martial arts fighter who is building a multi-million dollar business, he satisfies his sexual needs with casual hook-ups that don't involve love or commitment. When his smart and sexy stepsister Alyssa waltzes into his office looking for a job, Mace is determined to dissuade her from becoming an escort. He decides to personally take charge of her schooling in the ropes of her new trade. Little does he know that he's about to learn some new lessons himself.

Alyssa is a college age girl still recovering from her grief over the death and loss of her wealthy father, Alyssa knows she should steer clear of her handsome stepbrother, but the charming bastard offers some enticing benefits! He stirs her erotic and romantic feelings like no other man and she wants more.

Mace is struggling with his own issues: sadness over the loss of his mother and anger toward Alyssa's father, whom he suspects killed his mother. He trains and fights in mixed martial arts, to help him subdue his inner demons and keep hidden his dead stepfather's dark secrets. Mace needs to learn forgiveness before he's ready for a serious dating relationship.

Full of fun and humor, this romantic and erotic new adult series is seasoned with salty exchanges between the warring sexes, and is definitely worth reading!

Author Bio:

Claire Donovan writes steamy romances about resourceful, passionate heroines and the scorching hot alpha male heroes who surrender to their irresistible charms. MMA fighters, surfers, and adventurous men of all types make her knees buckle and her head swim. She is a graduate of Indiana University and currently lives near Raleigh, NC. She writes full-time and enjoys time with her husband, friends, family, her horse, and two miniature dachshunds.

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It’s just the two of us in his office. A hush falls on the room and I feel an unmistakable passion rising between us; any spark could set us off. In all my life I've never felt such charged tension with a man and I know we're not fooling around anymore. His crotch is right in front of my face and I'm staring at the obvious outline of his swelling dick inside his pants leg. I’m breathing heavily and I’m a little damp from arousal. I don’t know what takes over me, but I suddenly start unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. I’m angry, I’m aroused, and I’m damn sure not going to chicken out this time. I know I’m not in the same universe as him when it comes to sexual experience, but I get the general idea of what to do. My heart is racing and I feel a heady moment of satisfaction when his thick cock jumps into my warm hand. A flicker of shock registers in his eyes as he realizes that this is about to get real between us.

"I want something more, Boss," I tell him, fishing his hardening member out from his briefs. Mace has never backed down or backed off from any challenge and I know he won't try to stop me. "If the only way to a better life is to suck you off, then I’ll do it."

I'm amazed at how hard and big his dick is and I moisten it with my lips before taking him in my mouth. So this is how he tastes. This is how it will be between us from now on. I come off the chair and kneel in front of him, looking directly up into his eyes. I slowly take him deep into my mouth. He releases a held breath and I feel his tense body relax as I gently suck his cock. I move my mouth a little quicker and suck harder as my lips slide up and down his shaft. I feel the tension in his body return. I calmly take him out of my mouth and slowly stroke him close to my reddening cheeks. I can tell he likes watching me suck him but his silence makes me nervous. I smile and ask Mace if he is enjoying my blowjob. His eyes burn brightly with lust and pleasure.  

"I never imagined I'd see you sucking my cock," Mace growls with a sexy grin. His coarse words turn me on. I pull my hair back over my shoulder and he takes it up in both his hands. I take him back into my eager mouth and add to my efforts, stroking him with a tightly clenched hand while my wet lips suck him and he stuffs his cock all the way down my throat.

I hear him moaning my name as his fingers start unzipping my dress. My top falls away and his hands cup my breasts beneath my black bra. The sensation of his calloused fingers caressing my nipples makes me light-headed. I can't help myself and I start moaning, my pussy throbbing as he plays with my breasts. My intense pleasure in sucking his dick surprises me, but it doesn't answer why I'm doing it. Do I really need money this bad? Lots of girls need money and their lips aren’t sliding up and down the length of a cock to earn it. I like to think that I'm a good girl. In fact I know I'm a good girl. I’m hardworking and smart. I'm kind and considerate toward everyone I meet. So why am I on my knees servicing my stepbrother, trying to become one of his whores? I’ve never acted like this with any other man. There must be another explanation for what I’m doing. Ever since Mace has come back into my life I’ve felt this magnetic pull toward him. Even if it’s wrong, right now all I want is to be with him.

I don’t know if Mace will ever have feelings for me, or if he’s just a user, a bad boy stud who manipulates women with his personal power. He's a mystery to me, a massive contradiction of dark and light who chose the wrong path years ago. And now I find myself committed to following him.

My virginity is a valuable commodity and Mace has taken control of it. I'm willing to do whatever he wants. I only hope he realizes he wants me for himself, before my virtue is auctioned away to a wealthy stranger.

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