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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Push by Olivia R. Keane

Charlotte "Charlie" Flynn never gave much thought to need. She wanted mostly to keep her head down and do her job. It had never crossed her mind that she deserved to be happy or loved and wanted - by a man. A second date with someone interesting was about all she aspired to. 

But her well-intended sister figures Charlie has nothing to lose by going out on a date with 
Declan Pearse, the man who just happens to be Charlie’s incredibly sexy new boss. 

Throwing caution to the wind, Charlie falls headlong into a dangerous and dark romance that leaves her bound by her desires and ripe with need. 

Declan Pearse, youngest of the Pearse brothers, wants nothing more than to succeed as head of the Pittsburgh branch of Pearse Publishing. He never mixes business with pleasure, but all of that changes when he is set up on a blind date with research associate Charlotte Flynn. 

Suddenly, Declan stops playing by his own rules and claims Charlotte for himself. And when a man like Declan Pearse wants you, the only thing you can do is give in to his every desire.

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