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Friday, 6 November 2015

Book Spotlight: 99c Seducing His Heart by Jean Joachim

Inside a fashionable apartment house on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, sparks fly when tenant, Bess Cooper, as delectable as the desserts she whips up on her TV baking show, bumps into her gorgeous new neighbor Whit Bass. A well-known broadcast journalist, he’s locked in a hot and heavy embrace with a sophisticated model, like those who accessorize his every outfit, and boudoir. 
Just as sweet and luscious as her famous apple pie, Bess has a handsome cop boyfriend, her Friday night sleepover, who claims undercover police business prevents him from crawling under her covers more often -- and a constant companion, her pug, Dumpling. Whit, aka Mr. No Commit, is a smooth-talking womanizer. Bess is the kind of Happily Ever After girl you make the mother of your children. Yet, against their will, they’re drawn together as powerfully as the poles of a magnet. Will she have the fortitude to survive a shattered heart – again? Is Whit chasing a dream of success half a world away -- or running scared? Desperate, Bess turns to her Monday Night Dinner Club – her four faithful friends, all pug-owners. Combining high level corporate hi-jinks and the stunning climax of a top secret, headline-blasting crime, this torrid tale will take your breath away! 

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