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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Book Spotlight: Converging Lives by Samantha Beardon

Converging lives where real life and fantasy combine 
Sending out ripples that can change peoples lives, maybe forever 
Have you met somebody on line, played a game, started chatting? 
Happens all the time, right? 
Just harmless fun, an escape from reality.... 
It can be fun, flirtation, thrill 
An antidote to normal life 
A glimpse of other peoples lives 
A chance for intimacy without straying 
Until fantasy reaches into the real world 
Emotions can run high 
People can fall in love 
Does everybody understand the rules? 
Will there be consequences? 
Meet Rick, Gillian, Christine and Eve 
Join them as fantasy and reality converge 

The main characters meet playing a word game on line, called Word Crozzle. 
There is a facility on the board to chat, and many people like to get to know each other, share interests, parts of their lives, and become friends or sometimes, even fall in love.  Some prefer not to talk with their opponents, but other interactions can evolve to be of a sexual  nature.  Probably people are looking for a safe way to flirt, have an affair, or find the emotional or sexual intimacy that may be missing in their lives. Often this route leads to infatuation, and emotions can run out of control. The spectrum of human emotions can come into play - lust, infatuation, greed, jealousy, deception, as well as; caring, honesty, honour  love and real friendship. A most intriguing phenomenon. 

On-line relationships are now taking up a chunk of many people’s lives, and so the stories, the interactions and the pit falls are becoming more relevant in today’s society. On every form of social media there is a chance to interact with strangers; it brings the world closer, brings rewarding new friendships, but also the chance to interact with predators, users and sexual stalkers. 

Meet some of the players interacting online, share their stories, learn from their mistakes, review your on line behaviour in the light of this,have fun but guard your hearts and keep safe.

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