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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Book Spotlight: Naughty Housewives who love younger men by Nicki Rose #99c

Ready to be seduced and have your mind stimulated by this amazing read? 
Ever wondered how promiscuous and wild one woman can be with her boy toy? 

Lacey Chambers-Huntington was the usual housewife; she kept the house clean, cooked wonderful dinners, and made herself look good for her busy and ambitious husband. Lacey wasn’t the type who’d cheat, not even after the years of loveless sex, the nights spent alone, the mischievous invites from her friend Debbie, and the horny looks of her hot, young pool boy Mikey. 
But there’s trouble in paradise when Lacey is faced with the first evidences of her husband cheating. Is it time for Lacey to switch it up and serve her husband a nice fresh dish of cold revenge? Does she give in to temptation? Join Lacey in this hot steamy story of sexual freedom and revenge.

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