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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Book Spotlight: Through the Looking Glass by Zeya Marsh #99c

There are a lot of lonely men in the world. Men who will do anything to find someone to love them, to meet the perfect woman who will fulfill their fantasies of lust and raw sex. 

Meet Zeya, sexy cam model, a beautiful woman who learned how to tease men to convince them to pay $2.99 a minute for a private show. She was a top professional cam model and worked in an exclusive, high-class studio in Romania. She thought she had it made. Life was good and she was making a lot of money. She learned how to make men fall in love with her. Little did she know, she was playing with fire. 

Before entering the world of camming, Zeya barely had enough money to survive; the rent was late, she hadn't eaten in days, and life was looking pretty grim. In desperation, she pulled together enough change to take the bus, one way, to a cam studio in Bucharest, to find out if she could become a cam model. She wasn't sure what that meant, but she knew she needed money, and needed it now, and they were hiring pretty women and paying top dollar. 

The studio took one look at her and hired her on the spot. The next day she found herself on display on the internet, fulfilling the sexual fantasies of men from all over the world. Within a few months, she became the top model in the studio, bought a new car, and stayed in school to fulfill her dreams. 

She became an expert at teasing men, showing them just enough to get them to push that button for a private show, where she would be their fantasy lover. She learned how to turn on men, keep them interested, hook them in and make them want her more than life itself. She was a sex goddess, fulfilling the perverted fantasies of hundreds of men from all walks of life. She had all of her men wrapped around her finger, and they would do anything for her. 

Life was perfect. She was happy. 

Until two of her clients fell in love with her. Zeya's beautiful life quickly unraveled. The perversions went too far, the sex became too much for her. Everything spun out of control as her two lovers literally fought for her charms and the honor of making her theirs ... in person. 

The result became Zeya's worst nightmare...

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