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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: Servant to the Wolf King by Malvina Winter


Enchanted by a gypsy curse, the dark and sensual Ivan Rusakov was transformed into a werewolf against his will and watched his love burned alive at the stake. Stuck in time in 1880s Russia, he reigns over the Siberian village of Varekstuk along with his brutish pack of wolves, vowing that he’ll never love again and never claim a mate. 

In the present-day twenty-first century, Rubenesque Vivienne Carr, a second row violinist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, takes an impulsive train ride through Siberia, trying to mend her broken heart. But when she arrives in Varekstuk, she’s suddenly swept into a snowstorm and the train disappears. A wolf howls in the distance… 

Brought to the Wolf King, Vivienne is forced to serve him, appeasing his every whim. But unless he claims her, the king must hand her over to the pack. Vivienne must summon all of her womanly wiles, using her voluptuous body to convince the king she might be worth the claiming. 

Will the king keep her to himself or throw her to his sexually ravenous pack? 

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