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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: Sheikh's Untouched Fortune by Kylie Knight

His Excellency, the Crown Prince of Khayat, Salim Habib bin Nasser is expected to marry by his thirty-fifth birthday, in order to receive his full birthright. His marriage is also necessary for the continuation of the royal line. No one so far, least of all the woman his parents expect him to wed, interests him…and then he meets Luna Llewellyn. She is beautiful, intelligent, independent, and the sexiest creature he has ever met. He wants her, but how will he overcome the obstacles in their way, not the least of which is Luna herself, who thinks she doesn’t belong with him? 
Luna Llewellyn is taking a long overdue vacation when she meets a prince…only she doesn’t know it at the time. He is sexy, handsome, witty, bossy, and apparently totally into her. What is she to do with a man she doesn’t think she is worthy of? And how is she to get over the fact that his family and at least one of his friends agree with her? He wants to woo her, and she thinks he’s dreaming. But she wishes she could be part of his dream for real. Will his dreams come true, or will her fears get in the way? 

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