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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: Torn Between the Cage Fighters by Maxi MacNair

Kylie needed a new life. She never thought her new city and new gym would land her right in the middle of some of the hottest / fast moving / hard bodied MMA fighters around. 

BONUS Alpha Male Romance Ebook Included! 

Could Kylie have even dreamed she would find herself in bed with two of these fighters at the same time? 

And when nature takes its course, can she deal with one of life’s biggest changes? 

With two potential MMA Champions as the only possible fathers how can she choose between them? 

Maybe they will decide it in the cage before they have a chance to find out who the real father is. 

Two Fighters...One Father 

WARNING: Torn Between the Cage Fighters is a standalone fictional Romance story that contains strong language, violence, and sexual scenes. It is intended for an adult audience and features a strong female character, sexy BAD BOY MMA fighters, MMF scenes, and a HEA. 

Also included with this book is the story Bad Boy Baby Daddy. A standalone Romance by J.Y. Mitten featuring a Bad Boy character, sexual scenes, and an unexpected pregnancy. 

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