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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Featured FREE Book: Trusting My Bad Boy by Kylie Knight

Sophia has not been fortunate in love. Her last relationship, with Phil, ended badly thanks to his jealousy and his damaging desire to control every aspect of her life. But though Sophia had the strength to leave him, she can’t seem to stop him from stalking her. Even her own parents tell her that she should have tried harder and maybe things would have worked out. 
One night Phil confronts her at a club and tries to drag her off the dance floor. A stranger steps between them and a frightened Sophia flees. But the stranger, who looks like a thug, seems genuinely concerned with her welfare. The more she learns about Daniel – that he’s a reclusive billionaire, that his own sister was the victim of a stalker – the more confused she becomes about what’s happening between them. 
And something is happening, something exciting, something for which Sophia has no frame of reference. Does she hang on and go along for the ride, knowing that it could end at any moment? Or does she play it safe? Can she play it safe with a man as exciting and alluring as Daniel? And will Phil be so easily put off, or will he try to come between Sophia and Daniel, by force, if necessary? 

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