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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Book Spotlight: 101 Labels of Black (The Vega Black Trilogy) by S' Lashay

Get ready for the hottest erotica trilogy of the decade! Her name is Vega Black and she has it all. A great family, business, and career. She had a curiosity for sex at a much younger age. While kids were being kids, Vega was fantasizing about other things. That curiosity would intensify as she got older . Vega loves to be pleased and aims to please. Will she be willing to sacrifice all that she has to quench her thirst or will she continue at any price? Vega loves men and the men love Vega. One young man, in particular, Clifford cant resist the lust of Vega. Clifford engages in a love affair with her that just may be detrimental. The other men... well lets say Vega gets what she wants and they have no problem conspiring to her every demand. 


He is my sex, my soul mate, and the best thing ever created. Regardless of all the men I’ve had – and still have – he is the best.  If only he knew that his wife was a nympho, sex addict, sex maniac… call me whatever. I have lost count of all the names I could be called. I mean, what would society label me?  But, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I wonder if he ever thought about my past or why I’m so good at what I do.  Those are questions I still ask myself to this day. Will I ever find out?

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