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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c His Offer by Alexi Grace

Introducing HIS OFFER, book one in the hot, sexy and steamy romance series, WHEN HE CALLS, by Alexi Grace. 

*Please note! This book contains sex scenes that will make your toes curl, a hot alpha male whom you’ll be wishing was dominating you, and enough romance to scorch the (electronic) pages.* 


Twenty-two year old Charlotte Holt has just moved to Brooklyn, NY after graduating from college near Nashville. She didn’t just walk away with a diploma, though. A creative writer, Charlotte also landed a literary agent and sold her first book, THIS GIRL. 

Her agent sets up a meeting with a persistent Los Angeles businessman who wants to option THIS GIRL for TV. The man is none other than billionaire bachelor Will West—a Hollywood tycoon and press-shy playboy. 

When Charlotte and Will meet, Charlotte knows her life will never be the same. Will promises her that he won’t be the only one walking away with a signed contract. 

Charlotte’s determined not to mix business with pleasure, but how can she say no to one very determined man whose goal is to close two deals on his trip to NYC? Looks like Char’s in for a fight—if she wants to stop him—that is. 

Will West is ready to dominate every single inch of her body and he throws a wrench into their meetings: if Charlotte doesn’t meet him on time when he calls, he gets to punish her. Or pleasure her. 

Will won’t be kept waiting for what he wants and he wants Charlotte Holt . . . all to himself. 

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