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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Hot Bites: Erotic Morsels (Hot Bites Series Book 1) by Kimberly Chase

The Big Apple Has Never Tasted So Sweet 

Who could’ve guessed just one look would lure two strangers into bed, let alone three? Certainly not Abigail. For Sam and Sabrina keeping things quiet isn’t the best part of their dirty little secret. Meanwhile in apartment 4A, Honour submits to Dominic. 

Ahead of her explosive debut novel, ‘The Billionaire’s Call Girl’, Kimberly Chase offers up these delectable treats in the first book of the scintillating new series ‘Hot Bites: Erotic Morsels’, delving into the sexual exploits of the residents of 6119 Peyton Place in four brilliant stories about desire, love and lust. 

‘6119 Peyton Place’, ‘Good Friends’, and ‘Surrender’ deliver pulsating, guilt-free satisfaction in a quick, exciting read. Also included is the bonus mini-prequel to the upcoming erotic romance novel, ‘The Billionaire’s Call Girl’.


This is it. This is the moment sanity and reason overthrows naked lust. This is the moment when the old Abigail came to her senses and retreated.

Abigail’s eyes flickered over to Dylan sitting on the opposite side of Fiona, gazing at her. In the darkness of the cab shadows masked his handsome features, but not so much that it hid the planes and sharp lines or his tranquil expression. She imagined tangling her fingers in his black hair then she wondered how often he sleeps with two strangers in one night.

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