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Friday, 4 December 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c I Can Love You (3 Tales of Interracial Love) by Stacy-Deanne

This set contains the following BWWM Contemporary Romance Stories: 

Worth the Risk: 

Houston music critic Alvin Zak becomes smitten with violinist Madeline Deever from the first moment she lays her bow to her violin to perform a concerto. Sent to review the orchestra, Alvin becomes so enraptured by Madeline that he asks her if he can do a feature on her. The polite, yet elusive Madeline agrees to think it over while declining Alvin’s invitation for coffee. Alvin does not understand Madeline’s abrupt refusal to his invite and it makes him even more interested in getting close to her. 

The last thing Madeline is looking for is love since she is harboring a secret that has the power to ruin any potential relationship. Convinced no man would love her enough to accept her situation, she fights off Alvin’s advances, but begins to fall in love with him. 

Can Alvin convince Madeline to trust him and give into her feelings or is Madeline destined to spend her life alone? 

Outside Woman: 

While running from the law, Thea ends up in an Amish community inhabited by Elijah, the childhood friend of her late uncle. Not knowing the real reason she’s showed up, Elijah agrees to let her stay with his family temporarily. However, Elijah has two rules that cannot be broken. 

First, Thea has to adopt the Amish lifestyle and respect their culture. Second, she has to stay away from Elijah’s son Jacob, who has been shunned by the entire community. Thea has no problem with the first rule, but from the moment she sees Jacob, she realizes Elijah’s second rule is impossible to follow. 

Jacob is just as infatuated with Thea and refuses to turn his back on her, even after he finds out her secret. When Jacob decides he must leave the community, will Thea run from him or with him? 

Sometimes Money Ain't Enough: 

When Raquel and Tobias meet, it’s like pouring gasoline on a flame, and sparks fly in all different directions. 

After Raquel's company, Hood Industries, leaves construction worker Tobias Criss unemployed, he swears to get revenge on Raquel and her brother. From the minute Raquel and Tobias meet, they feel an overwhelming attraction, but their misconceptions of each other threaten to keep them apart. 
Raquel Hood has everything a woman could want; money, beauty, and an entire town under her command. But after meeting Tobias, Raquel realizes that sometimes money ain’t enough. 

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