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Monday, 7 December 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Mr. Stepbrother Serial Box Set by Mila Loveline

Craig Fordham’s always been a strict stepbrother to Camilla Howards—and now he’s her new billionaire boss too. He's got a reputation. She's a handful. Neither of them realizes what they've gotten themselves into. Will they learn to get along, or will their working relationship be just as explosive as their sibling rivalry? 

Mr. Stepbrother Serial is a complete romance office series meant for an 18+ audience. Now available to Kindle Unlimited members!

Craig went out to reception to find Camilla’s long legs propped up on the desk as she filed her nails. She was wearing her leather jacket again. The small smile on her face said she was pretty pleased with herself. Craig, on the other hand, was not, since she’d just told him to shove a tuna sandwich up his ass. That’d taken care of his hard-on pretty quickly.
“You can’t talk to me that way.”
“What way?” she asked, blowing on her nails.
“I’m your boss. And your—show some respect.”
She glanced up at him and he caught something there, though he couldn’t figure out what. “Is it respectful to fuck during work hours?”
Craig’s nostrils flared. He reached out and knocked her feet off the desk. She bolted upright in her seat. “Hey!”
“I warned you. I let you get away with that behavior yesterday, but orientation is over.”
“What’re you going to do?” She breathed hard, glaring up at him. “Fire me?”
“Yes.” He made sure to say it loud enough that anyone within a close distance could hear. It would be a good example for future behavior. “Consider this your first strike. Two more, and you’re gone.”
She held up her palms and hesitated only a second. “Fine,” she conceded. “If that’s what you want.”
“It’s not what I want.” He lowered his voice this time. “You have to take responsibility for your own life, Cam. You can’t go blaming everyone else—like me—for your problems. You want that money, you’d better learn to adapt.”
“Why are you asking me to be something I’m not?” she hissed.
He glanced up to see people watching them. “In my office.”
They both stormed inside and he shut the door behind her. She went to the middle of the room, stopped and turned around with her arms crossed. “You’re trying to change me. If you’d just give me the money, I could go live my life like the rest of the twenty-somethings I know.”
“Your friends are fucked up,” he said bluntly, and she flinched. “The twenty-somethings I know? They work for a living. They don’t mooch. They’re like me—I didn’t get this job just because my dad died. I studied his industry. I worked alongside him. When he passed, I wasn’t ready, but I was prepared to take on this role.” He took some steps toward her. “I’m sick of indulging you. I don’t have to give you that money at all. We can part ways now if you want.”
He watched as she worked her jaw back and forth. “That’s what you want, isn’t it? To get rid of your annoying kid sister?”
“You’re an asshole. You always were.”
He grabbed her by her upper arms. “Stop. You’re being dramatic.”
“Oh, screw you,” she said, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. “Asshole. You were always trying to get rid of—”
“Because you made my life hell,” he blurted.
They stared at each other, hurt written on her face. Craig’s heart pumped unnaturally hard. He shouldn’t have said that. It would only invite questions.
“I did?” she asked. “H-how?’
He let go of her arms. “Nevermind.”
“Are you saying…” She paused, and Craig waited with bated breath. He needed an excuse. Anything. If she asked, he couldn’t admit the truth. “My mom and I ruined your life? You never wanted us there?”
Craig exhaled a sigh and shook his head. He ran a hand through his hair. “That’s not what I was saying, Cammy.”
“What then? Tell me. I can handle it. I’m not a little girl anymore.”
“Just drop it.”
“No. Why is it so awful having me in your life? And why would you offer me this job if—is it guilt? Pity? Do you think I—”
“Jesus, Cam. Slow the fuck down. It’s not any of those things. Growing up under the same roof as you sucked because you were—you are—fucking hot.”
Her eyebrows shot up as her eyes widened. “Excuse me?”
“Hot,” he repeated—his own face growing warm. “Fucking hot and fucking untouchable.”
She gaped a moment, shut her mouth and opened it again. She started to giggle, but stopped when he shot her a glare. She was shocked, and that didn’t happen often. It made her look adorable.
“So, yeah. I’m the fucked-up stepbrother who had a crush on his stepsister. What do you think about that?”
Her smile faded, and she bit her bottom lip. “That depends. Do you still?”
“Still what?”
She reached out and touched his tie, running a fingertip down it. He was trying not to get hard again when she grabbed his tie in her fist and pulled him close. “Your crush. Do you still have it?”
“You know I can’t answer that, Cam.”
“It crossed my mind,” she said softly, her minty breath teasing him.
He swallowed, keeping his eyes on her full bottom lip. “What did?”
“You and me. I mean, we only slept on opposite sides of one wall growing up. It would’ve been so easy…”
Craig couldn’t handle it. She was so close, and he’d been horny since they’d almost kissed the night before. But she didn’t know what she was asking for. Craig was an animal, and that made Cammy his prey…forbidden prey. “You’re fucking with me.”
She shook her head. “No. I’m not.” She pushed him backward until he was up against the wall, his tie still in her hand. He was speechless. Immobile. Maybe he had it wrong—maybe she was the animal.
She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. “I felt you earlier,” she said. “When I was on your lap.”
“I know,” he said, his voice almost a growl. He’d had to laugh because it’d been impossible to hide the fact that his cock—already pretty big—was thundering for her. It was then, and it did now. For her autumn-colored hair and soulful eyes. For that soft skin he’d felt when he’d held her waist and thrown her in the pool years ago. His Camilla, his little stepsister, who he’d felt all sorts of things for before, but above everything else, he just wanted to keep her safe…

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